Insight is close but difficult to express from Hi-Kool’s video “20 years of understanding each other”

Despite only being released a few days ago, Hi-Kool’s short film “20 Years Still Understanding Each Other?” Has attracted more than 1000 shares. Interesting and attention is drawn from the title of the short film, with a simple question that touches the hearts of viewers: After years of being together, is there still a shared understanding.

As a product line that is judged to be dry and monotonous in the media, Hi-Kool brand has had a spectacular and refreshing makeover with a recent advertising campaign. The deep and gentle messages are conveyed through intimate, emotional footage, expressing family affection, especially how men express their feelings to the woman they love. Although it is not a new topic, but with true, creative exploitation, the brand has really understood and understood user insight, created a strong media effect in just a few days of launch.

Not going into the familiar routine as other products in the automotive insulation film industry, focusing only on the specifications, product features, Hi-Kool exploits the family emotional aspect, the conflict between men and women when there is no mutual understanding. By understanding customers’ insights “The success of a man will be inversely proportional to the youth of a woman”, Hi-Kool has launched a new product line with the Hi-kool UVCare campaign with the message Share and protect women from the smallest things, the skin, the eyes against the harmful effects of the sun.

As a brand that follows, but has made great strides in products, not only bring good quality products, Hi-Kool also spread meaningful messages to its customers. When mentioning Hi-Kool, it is about sharing, loving and protecting. That humanity has allowed the brand to spread strongly, not only to car owners but also to the community.

The image of a woman sitting in a car but still being annoyed by the sunlight streaming through the glass, and the gentleness of the gentleman were utterly unspoken, showing how the brand captured psychology. Extremely good customer. With Hi-Kool UVCare window films, customers will always be protected and protected, just like a man will always protect a woman, even by action, but never in words. That is the plus point that helps the short film “20 years still understand each other” to win the hearts of the audience, when touching the very honest and deep emotions of each person.

* Source: Hi-Kool


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