Insert effects into webcam with WebCamMax

Insert effects into webcam with WebCamMax

WebCamMax is an application software used to insert effects for Webcam, making your webcam video more vivid. The following article will show you how to insert effects into your webcam using WebCamMax. Let’s follow along.

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Currently, there are many software that support inserting unique effects into webcams. Not to mention some hot software like ManyCam or CyberLink YouCam. Inside, ManyCam provides visual effects, sound, playlist, text on video, draw on video … help you get a unique and stylish webcam video.

With Webcam you can use software to record your images such as Webcam 7 or WebcamXP… But with WebCamMax in addition to recording their own videos, they also allow you to add extremely vivid and eye-catching effects, please refer to how to use it through our following article.
Theme for Webcam

WebCamMax – How to add effects to Webcam

Download and install the latest version of WebCamMax

Step 1: Start WebCamMax up. The interface of the program is very simple, including 2 main parts. Part displays your Webcam image and part is cute and funny images for you to insert into your Webcam.
I understand the webcam
Step 2: At the right interface, you can select the images you want to insert into the Webcam
show beautiful images for webcams
And check the results.
insert user interface into webcam by webcammax
So with WebCamMax you can easily insert more images into your Webcam and then send it to your friend. Also, if you don’t want to use those effects anymore, you can easily delete selected effect on WebCamMax to replace it with other more beautiful and vivid effects.


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