Ingrown hair: what to do?

Ingrown hair: what to do?

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Especially in the summer, the hair growth is more accelerated due to the heat and this condition can generate situations such as ingrown hair. More common in those who shave with wax or razor, the ingrown hair it can turn into something embarrassing and unpleasant to a person, causing a reddish appearance on the skin.

  • Definition of ingrown hair

  • Causes of ingrown hair

    • Curly hair

    • Razor shaving

    • Depilatory wax

    • Friction of the epidermis

  • How to treat ingrown hairs

  • How to avoid ingrown hairs

Definition of ingrown hair

An ingrown hair occurs when it leaves the follicle, but does not break the dermis, growing under the skin. This condition generates inflammation in the skin and even infections, as well as complications that can even lead to the appearance of pus and scars.

Causes of ingrown hair

Curly hair

Curly hairs that grow in corkscrew shape they cannot penetrate and skin and therefore have a greater tendency to get stuck.

Razor shaving

The double blade razor first removes the outside of the hair. Thus, when it grows again, it does not follow the correct path, entering the skin.

Depilatory wax

After waxing, hair can happen don’t grow in the right direction.

Friction of the epidermis

When the skin is subjected to some kind of friction, the hair may become stuck in its back, especially on drier skins.

How to treat ingrown hairs

The treatment of ingrown hairs can be done by a dermatologist, who will make your extraction. In case of inflammation, it may be necessary to ingest antibiotics orally or dermally. Techniques such as laser hair removal also permanently eliminate hair. Extreme situations of abscess or severe infection may even require surgery.

How to avoid ingrown hairs

To reduce inflammation by ingrown hair, you can use a antiseptic. Shaving as little as possible and using razors with more blades are also useful measures, in addition to massaging the area with gloves specialized in removing ingrown hairs. Using creams based on vitamin A and emollients is also a measure that facilitates hair birth more easily.

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