Infrared Wifi transmits 112 GB per second, 300 times faster than today's speed
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Infrared Wifi transmits 112 GB per second, 300 times faster than today’s speed

With data transmission speed 300 times faster than current systems, the new wifi transmission system with infrared rays is safe to the eyes of Dutch researchers, allowing the device to download three movies of HD quality. after just a second.

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Video: Reuters.

Researchers at Eindhoven University of Technology have turned each infrared ray into a data transmission channel using a frequency of about 200 terahertz, thousands of times higher than the current wireless system’s radio signal, allowing for increased capacity. amount of transmission.

Professor Ton Koonen adds that they have now achieved a transfer rate of 112 GB, allowing three high-quality movies to be downloaded in one second.

To ensure a connection when the user moves, ceiling mounted center antennas emit multiple wavelengths in different directions. Each antenna emits its own wavelength and only one electronic device is connected to it, this ensures the transmission speed as capacity is not shared.

The way of transmitting infrared beams to electronic devices thanks to the feedback radio signals saves energy while improving the system security due to the light not penetrating the wall.

Researchers expect this technology to be replicated in the next five years.


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