[Information]Free simultaneous healing "Simultaneous healing to praise me in 2020"

[Information]Free simultaneous healing “Simultaneous healing to praise me in 2020”

2020 was a year when many unexpected things happened. Some people may have suffered from social difficulties such as economics as well as mental and physical conditions. “Simultaneous healing to praise me in 2020” is a free simultaneous healing to have us who have lived such a year praise “You did your best this year” and “You have lived really well”. .. Anyone can participate.

Every year at this time of year, special healing is held during the year-end and New Year holidays. In the last year-end and New Year special healing (2019-2020), we built a healing system called “thread of light” and it has been in operation for one year. The “thread of light” will disappear naturally at the end of this year, but we will open the last day to you. Please pick it up. Please see the related link on your personal blog for “Threads of Light”.

Simultaneous work “thread of light”

Story scolded by God and Buddha One of the work construction episodes

Simultaneous work “thread of light” finished Work report

[Thanks and reports]Simultaneous work “thread of light”

Guidance article for New Year’s special healing (2019-2020)

List of impressions of simultaneous work and healing

For the past year, I myself have been healed by the “thread of light”. Personally, I felt like “when I turn around, there is a healing light”, and it was a healing that was warmly watched every day. It is a healing light that is always there, and the experience of slowly and slowly receiving such healing for a year was nostalgic and fresh for me. There were several times when we received feedback from our customers with the feeling of “By the way …”.

[Work schedule]

Application deadline at 22:00 on Wednesday, December 30

* I would like to go to my Bodaiji Temple on the 29th or 30th and thank you for “the thread of light has been able to operate for a year” and for free healing on the 31st.

December 31st (Thursday) All day Healing all day to praise me for 2020

* On the day of the event, please tell yourself, “You did your best this year!” And “You have lived really well!” And praise yourself. Any number of times on the day. Until you feel like it. You can still receive healing without doing so.

* For those who participated in “Threads of Light” this year, it will be the last day, so the glitter “Thank you for one year” will be poured. I would also like to thank you for your help in the integration.


Please apply from the application form. You will receive an automatic reply email. With the automatic reply email sent, the reception and spiritual contract of this free simultaneous healing will be completed. If you do not receive the auto-reply email, please contact maya.astrology@gmail.com.

* Application deadline at 22:00 on Wednesday, December 30

* Anyone can participate. You can receive healing anywhere in the world. Proxy application is also possible.


* You can spend the day of the work as usual.

* Healing is based on energy work and is not a substitute for medical practice.

* Personal information will be kept for the purpose of performing the work, but this will be used only for the purpose of performing the work, not for sending DM.

* Simultaneous work “Grand Sex Style Work” will be performed after receiving supervision in advance. I am receiving the necessary advice.

* If you give us your feedback, you will receive a free Shamanic Healing from Bali Itokake Mandala.

Impressions & Free Shamanic Healing Reception

List of impressions of Pegasus simultaneous work healing

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