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Information about Apple Marzipan project will help bring the iOS application to Mac

The Apple WWDC 2019 event will take place late at night with a lot of information about software solutions such as iOS 13 or MacOS 15, Dark mode modes or improvements to default applications, but one thing makes it very Many people expect it to be Marzipan project. So why is Marzipan Project so expected?

The first thing to say is about macOS application store. Actually, I found this application store not really strong and short of breath in meeting the high demands of users. Apple knows this well, and that's why the project called Marzipan was born. The idea of ​​Marzipan is to help bring applications on iPhone to macOS in a more formal and convenient way. However, it is easy to say that it is easy to renew, this is obviously not something you can do on day two or two.

This is not the name of a dessert, similar to Google, this time Apple also used the name of a dish to order for a project, namely the project that helps programmers use a tool tools from Apple to bring iOS apps to macOS more easily. It must be stated that Apple has never publicly called the name of this project, Marzipan, which was leaked from information and reported leaks ahead of this year's WWDC event.

Maybe you don't mind, but if you use macOS Mojave, you're using the Marzipan project somewhat. Applications like Apple News, Stocks, Voice Memos and Home are applications brought from iOS through this project. Previously, running an iOS app on a Mac was completely impossible because of differences in platform, or software code required to run on a certain platform. Currently, iOS is based on UIKit while MacOS uses AppKit. Marzipan in the future will add a component of UIKit to the Mac, which makes it possible to use the iOS app.

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As I said, Apple has never really called Marzipan, so we don't know yet what names to call hybrid applications on both platforms. Currently Apple is calling the iOS app on the iPhone and iPad with a generic name "Universal" app. In fact, the concept of Universal app allows to run applications on a number of platforms that have existed for a long time, but are currently limited in terms of features.

At the WWDC conference last year, Apple said the company would deploy two phases to bring the iOS application to Mac. The first stage is to release a separate application for macOS and then the second phase will provide tools for developers to combine applications on iOS and macOS between 2019. WWDC tonight will only bring specific information for developers, so it is predicted that by September we will be able to receive official results.

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Why should we support this project? As I said, looking at the comparison between iOS and macOS app store will see clearly that the application on macOS is far less in both quantity and quality. A good operating system needs an application ecosystem strong enough to entice users, and Apple has done so well on iOS so macOS is the next thing Apple needs to pay attention to. If Apple does a good enough tool to help the programmer create a version for the Mac in a simple way, the number and quality of the application will greatly increase.

In theory, applications like Netflix, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube can be brought up and used perfectly on macOS. In the long run, if Marzipan is strong enough, programmers can create applications without having to think about whether hardware supports their application or not. They only create the application once, and the application will work on all Apple hardware platforms. That scenario is too good for both users and developers. Users do not have to search for alternative applications, can use the most convenient and full features on iPhone, iPad and Mac devices.

As Apple has said, the service sector gives them a lot of profits. In fact, the data show that technology companies are gradually shifting to selling services rather than hardware, because the hardware is already saturated in the present era. So I consider this is the right move of Apple to continue to entice users.

Lê Phú Khương

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