Infinite – Meet the supervillain!

We can say what we want, but it is they who make the big adventures: the bad guys! Batman wouldn’t be the greatest superhero in the universe without his gallery of more twisted enemies, the best of Far Cry is where the most successful villain, Vaas, appears, and even Mario takes the spotlight to his nemesis in the latest episode, Bowser’s Fury. Having understood it well, the developers of Bright Memory: Infinite present to us the essential ingredient of their adventure: the villain of the story!

We remember the trailer that appeared on the occasion of the presentation of the first next-gen games, at the time, during a series of trailers announcing the games to come on Xbox Series X | S.
Without being completely “mind blowing”, the game was then the one that came closest to what we expected from a next-gen game. He impressed all the more since he was then the project of one man, Zeng «FYQD» Xiancheng. There is no doubt that given the work done, the man is now surrounded by a real team.

In this new trailer, we discover the face of the villain of the story, General Lin. His face and not much else, although he seems to be looking for someone, or something, gleaning clues to what appears to be the still-smoking scene of an attack as violent as it is recent. Here is the story as told by the developers:

“After a strange substance capable of awakening the dead has been discovered, a paramilitary organization seeks to seize its power to quench its thirst for power. By defending the substance, the Special Agent Shelia (yes, that makes ASS in French, but it is Special Operative Shelia in VO, or an SOS more apropos – Ed) is teleported alongside the enemy on an island floating above the North Pole, an island populated by mythological creatures such as dragons and demons, as well as zombies… ”

This trailer is also an opportunity to see some new gameplay images. The video proudly displays the “in game footage” label. Without a real release date yet, the game remains scheduled for this year. The trailer also indicates that owners of Bright Memory on PC, a kind of big work in progress demo, will receive the upgrade to Bright Memory: Infinite at its output. And precisely, Bright Memory is currently on sale …


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