Infatuated with super cool “Stance” supercar StanceWars Las Vegas

Infatuated with super cool “Stance” supercar StanceWars Las Vegas

StanceWars Las Vegas event brings together super cool cars that everyone wants to sit on once.

The StanceWars Las Vegas event takes place at the hotel – casino Boulder Station, in the international destination of Las Vegas Town, Nevada, USA. The event converges super cool cars from appearance to engine performance. The supercar models attending the event will tour around the US from the starting point of Las Vegas.

Selection of 100 supercar models with unique, eye-catching appearance from brands around the world. Some models have been modified by the owner, body, chassis and engine block to attend the “super” hot event StanceWars. Advanced packages can turn a normal car into a supercar. The 100 cars attending the event all had distinctive, unique, outstanding and personal characteristics that clearly portrayed the owner’s aesthetic.

The outdoor exhibition event not only attracted many people to visit, admire the unique cars but also attracted the challenges of performing vehicle engineering in the event. In addition to the 100 cars attending at the StanceWars event, there are many slots for VIP parking when buying tickets to attend. Here, car brands and car brands participate as sponsors.

Coming to the event, you will be immersed in the light, music and super cars at night. The event will be held at Boulder Station Las Vegas 3 days prior to the next destination.

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