Indonesian students have to raise chickens to ... detox smartphone - Photo 1.
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Indonesian students must raise chickens to … detox smartphone

According to SCMP, officials in Bandung City, located 150 km from Jakarta, are deploying a "Chickenization" project to help children stay away from smartphones by giving birth to chicks.

Accordingly, 2000 chicks about 4 days old for students in elementary and junior high schools in the city of Bandung (Indonesia). The task of the students is to take care of and feed the chickens before and after school. They may keep their pets at home or at school if they do not have a backyard.

Not only does it help students get rid of the habit of glued to electronic devices, the project is also part of a national plan to expand the education for children initiated by President Joko Widodo, mayor of the city. Oded Muhammad Danial said.

According to the Global Digital Report 2019, Internet users in Indonesia spend 8 hours and 36 minutes on average each day online. This is almost two hours higher than the global average. Of these, users under the age of 10 have the same smartphone time, even surpassing adults.

Indonesian students have to raise chickens to ... detox smartphone - Photo 2.

Reportedly, on November 21, more than a dozen chicks locked up in cages with the sign "please take good care of us" were awarded. According to SCMP, this chick project was planned to be implemented last month, but city officials in Bandung need time to negotiate with chicken farms in the city.

After Bandung City piloted a chicken raising program, many parents supported this idea. A parent named Yayah Ratnasari said she hopes that raising chickens may encourage her son to be interested in animal husbandry and poultry in the future.

"Raising chicks is much more beneficial than having to put your face in your smartphone all day," she said. However, her son Rabil is not as excited as his parents.

"Using a smartphone is still much more interesting," the boy who is currently in grade 7 said.

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