Indonesian aircraft fell like lightning, saw black box

Indonesian aircraft fell like lightning, saw black box

(News 24h) – The Indonesian plane crashed into the sea like lightning, found at a depth of 23 meters.

The Indonesian Ministry of Transport said on January 10 that a naval warship detected a signal believed to be coming from the black box of a Sriwijaya Air aircraft carrying number SJ182 that went missing at sea one day. before.

May fly Indonesia like a ray of chop, it has changed to black
Divers found the aircraft black box.

A diver participating in the search and rescue campaign said his team is equipped with underwater metal detectors and a device that detects “ping” signals emitted from two black boxes of the plane in distress.

“We have detected the signals at two points. This may be the black box we will investigate,” Bagus Puruhito, head of the Indonesian search and rescue agency, told reporters on board. military today.

The black box of an aircraft that crashes into the sea will continuously send a “ping” signal so that the search force can quickly locate it on the seabed. The battery in the black box can keep this “ping” signal going continuously for days.

From the discovery above, the diver recovered the aircraft parts from a depth of about 23 meters. The search team and fishermen had previously picked up other debris and part of the emergency slide was believed to have sprung from the plane in waters off Jakarta.

Indonesian Navy official Wahyudin Arif said they found fragments of the fuselage about one meter in length, part of the tire and parts of the body. The remains were taken to the police hospital for identification.

Muhammad Yassin, the director of the POLAIR marine police, told local media that the search was focused on the waters between Laki Island and Lancang, off Jakarta, where the depths are about 20 to 23 meters.

Captain Eko Surya Hadi, commanding the coast guard Trisula, announced they had found human body parts and debris from the aircraft, life jackets, avtur (aviation turbine fuel).

Fragments of the body were brought back to the police force hospital to identify.

May fly Indonesia like a ray of chop, it has changed to black
Indonesian search and rescue staff carrying bags with debris believed to have belonged to the plane that crashed at Tanjung Priok port in Jakarta, early January 10. Photo: Reuters

Sriwijaya Air’s Boeing 737-500, carrying 50 passengers and 12 crew members, all of whom are Indonesian nationals, departed from Soekarno-Hatta Airport in the capital, Jakarta, to the city on the afternoon of January 9. Pontianak on the Indonesian island of Borneo, is scheduled to fly 90 minutes across the sea.

However, the plane lost signal only 4 minutes after takeoff and is believed to have plunged into waters near the famous tourist islands of Indonesia. The pilot did not issue the alarm signal before the plane crashed. Assessment officials have no hope of finding a survivor.

Fisherman Solihin told the BBC that he witnessed a plane crash and his fishing captain decided to return to shore.

“The plane looked like a bolt of lightning that crashed into the sea and exploded on the water,” Solihin said. The plane was very close to us and debris like plywood almost fell on our ship.

Locals on a nearby island said they heard two explosions before spotting pieces of metal, cables and debris and an array of jeans floating in the sea.

Three fishermen from Lancang Island told CNN they heard an explosion and witnessed a sudden big wave around the time the plane went missing.

May fly Indonesia like a ray of chop, it has changed to black
Graphics of the missing Indonesian plane.

Hendrik Mulyadi told CNN: “I heard a very loud explosion. I thought it was a bomb or a big thunderstorm. Then we saw a big wave, about 2 meters high, hitting the boat. ours”.

Hendrik’s colleague Solihin described the sound as “a bomb on the water.” They said it was dark and rainy. These fishermen said they did not see an aircraft plunge into the sea but smelled fuel and detected debris. They returned to shore, reporting their experience to the police.

It is known that the plane in trouble is the Boeing 737-500, which is being phased out by airlines to switch to more fuel-efficient models. The plane in trouble has been in service for 26 years and is still in good condition.

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