A social networking user in East Java province, May 23. Photo: Jakarta Post.

Indonesia will restrict social networks as needed

Indonesia will censor social network access in emergencies, said Minister of Information and Communications Johnny Plate.

"Don't start sensitive topics if you don't want to be restricted. It's just a solution in emergency situations, often at risk of harming the community," said New Information and Communications Minister Johnny Plate. know with the press on 11/28.

A social networking user in East Java province, May 23. Image: Jakarta Post.

Secretary Johnny acknowledged that restricting social networks is a violation of civil rights, but said that the ban is only temporary. "The ruling respects free speech. This restriction will only be issued in certain situations. Our purpose is to limit the negative issues," he said.

In May, Indonesian officials restricted access to social networks for three days during riots in Jakarta after President Joko Widodo won the election. The ban aims to prevent misinformation spreading online, making it difficult to post videos or photos on popular social networking platforms.

Indonesia last August also disconnected internet connections in the westernmost province of Papua on the grounds of preventing users from sharing false information, inciting national hatred.

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