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Indonesia calls on D8 to play a role in bringing the world out of the pandemic

Indonesian President Joko Widodo. Photo: AFP / VNA

According to the VNA correspondent in Jakarta, speaking at the D8 Group Summit, President Joko Widodo warned of an increase in vaccine nationalism amid efforts to promote equal and affordable access to vaccines. for all countries of the world. This means the world must be able to increase production capacity and there won’t be any restrictions on vaccine production and distribution. Against this backdrop, the D8 could play a role in providing its production capacity to promote equal access to vaccines and encourage technology transfer.

Mr. Joko Widodo also said that in addition to vaccine production capacity, Indonesia also encouraged the role of the D8 in an effort to revive the global economy with the potential for intra-regional trade of more than $ 1.5 billion. Intra-regional businesses within the scope of D8 should be encouraged, and barriers to trade alleviate. Increasing intra-regional trade among D8 member countries will be the driving force behind economic development. In addition, the development of digital technology, artificial intelligence has also been raised which are in need of development. In particular, in the context of the 4th Industrial Revolution, the D8 needs to take advantage of the ability to adapt to the changing world of information and communication technology.

The Indonesian President also emphasized the importance of investing in the younger generation, where the D8’s demographic advantage is civilized with 333 million young people, or about 27.3% of the total population. This figure is much higher than the number of young people in G7 countries (about 135 million people, about 17.3% of the total population). Therefore, the D8 countries need to continue to encourage innovation and take advantage of the Muslim majority to develop startups based on Islamic Sharia law.

D8 includes countries Iran, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Malaysia, Pakistan, Indonesia, Turkey and Egypt. The theme of this year’s 10th D8 Summit is “Partnerships for a Changing World: Harness the Power of Youth and Technology”.

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