Indonesia will arrest and prosecute a suspect with the image of image 1Indonesian police. (Source: AFP)

Indonesian officials said the country had arrested a British woman on the list terror suspects and plans to expel this person for violating visa regulations.

Subject Tazneen Miriam Sailar, born in the British city of Manchester, converted to Islam by marrying an Indonesian jihad. Sailar’s husband died in Syria in 2015.

Although not charged with terrorism charges, Miriam Sailar and her husband were still on the Indonesian police’s list of domestic and foreign extremists.

This list of more than 400 objects, including a French, have appeared in the videos hostage execution organization’s Islamic State (IS) self-proclaimed and a person connected with the people who carried out the massacre in the newsroom Charlie Hebdo.

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Sailar, 47, and his son are detained in Jakarta after they were arrested last year for lack of residency papers.

Immigration Services Indonesia spokesman Ahmad Nursaleh said the host country authorities had decided to deport Sailar to the UK. The British Embassy in Jakarta declined to comment.

According to sources, Sailar runs a charity to give humanitarian assistance to women and children in Syria.

Sailar arrived in Indonesia in 2005 as a medical volunteer for a humanitarian fund supporting victims of natural disasters./.

Thanh Huong (VNA / Vietnam +)