Indo-China collided again: Soldiers on both sides were injured ...

Indo-China collided again: Soldiers on both sides were injured …

(News 24h) – About 20 Chinese and 4 Indian soldiers were injured in the clash at the border.

On January 25, Indian media citing the country’s army said clashes broke out between Indian and Chinese soldiers in the common border area, causing injuries to people on both sides.

An-China collisions: Linh two ...
Indian army near the border with China. Photo: AP

Several sources from India revealed that Indian troops last week pushed back Chinese forces’ attempts to infiltrate the border at Naku La in North Sikkim and clashes occurred between the two sides.

According to sources, about 20 Chinese soldiers were injured in the clash while India had 4 seriously injured. However, the Indian side said its troops had repelled the Chinese invasion, despite the severe weather in North Sikkim.

The Indian military statement said: “A small scuffle happened on the night of January 20 in the Naku La area, Sikkim state. The local commanders solved the case well according to established protocols. ”

The Chinese side has not yet commented on the above information.

Analysts in India called the January 20 incident “provocative,” which came just days before a meeting between the two countries’ senior military commanders.

A negotiation between the two countries on the Realistic Boundary of Control (LAC) was held on January 24. The Indian delegation is led by Lt. Gen. PGK Menon, the commanding officer of the 14th Corps stationed at Leh, which is tasked with overseeing security in Ladakh. Both sides said the latest round of negotiations helped “further enhance mutual trust and understanding”.

The joint statement after the meeting began on Sunday morning and ended at the beginning of the morning of Monday (January 25), the two countries’ delegations called the talks “frank”.

“The two sides agreed to promote the early dissolution of frontline troops,” a joint statement issued by the Indian Defense Ministry.

Tensions erupted on the border between the two countries, fueling a negative response from New Delhi. India recently issued a permanent ban because they were ‘not satisfied’ with the companies’ response.

The Indian Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology issued a new notice with a permanent ban for TikTok and 58 other Chinese apps, Indian media reported late on Monday.

When it first introduced the ban, the Indian government gave 59 apps the opportunity to explain their views on privacy and security compliance, The Times of India reported.

Companies like ByteDance (owner of TikTok) and Tencent Holdings (owner of WeChat) have been provided with a list of questions by the Indian side.

“The government is not satisfied with the responses and explanations of these companies. Therefore, the ban on 59 applications is in effect forever, ”Livemint said.

The incident originated in June last year when India and China had a conflict in the border area. Twenty Indian soldiers have been killed. The government then put 59 Chinese applications on the radar, claiming that these are applications that “risk harming India’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, national security.” and public order ”. By September 2020, India continued to ban 118 other applications including the famous game PUBG.

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