An Do received 5 lucky moments from Rafale to buy photo 1 photoRafale fighter to be refueled in the air on a journey to India. (Source: PTI)

According to AFP, July 29, the first five Rafale fighters purchased from France in a multi-billion dollar deal landed. airbase Ambala belongs to the Indian state of Haryana.

Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh emphasized that the batch of Rafale fighters arrived in the country marking “the beginning of a new era in our military history.”

[Pháp chuyển giao lô máy bay tiêm kích Rafale đầu tiên cho Ấn Độ]

He said that this batch of aircraft would make the Indian Air Force “much stronger to prevent any threat to our country.”

He stated: “If any country is concerned or skeptical of this new capacity Indian Air Force those would be countries that want to threaten our territorial integrity. “.

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