India ran out of Covid-19 vaccine just before the vaccination campaign

India ran out of Covid-19 vaccine just before the vaccination campaign

Several states in India announced that they were running out of Covid-19 vaccines before the full adult vaccination campaign began on May 1.

Although India is the largest producer of vaccines in the world, it does not have enough reserves to vaccinate people amid the second outbreak of Covid-19 raging in the land, according to Reuters news agency. The country, despite Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s adult vaccination plan, is expected to start on May 1.

Announcing the end of Covid-19 vaccination at a vaccination site in Mumbai, India on April 30. Photo: Reuters

“I signed up for the vaccination 28 days ago, but now they say there is no vaccine,” an account named Jasmin Oza wrote on Twitter.

In Mumbai, authorities announced that many immunization centers there will be closed for three days, starting April 30, citing a shortage of vaccines. Meanwhile, the Karnataka state health agency in southern India announced that the vaccination of all adults in the state will not take place on May 1.

“The central government has not received any information from pharmaceutical companies that they will provide vaccines,” said Karnataka’s head of health care, K Sudhakar.

In Modi’s hometown of Gujarat, state officials say they will start vaccinating adults as soon as the batches of vaccines are received. It is expected that immunization in the state will start in about 15 days.

According to Worldometers on the morning of April 30, India has recorded a new record in the past 24 hours with 386,888 new Covid-19 cases and 3,301 deaths, bringing the total number of Covid-19 infections and deaths. In this country, respectively 18,754,984 and 208,313 people.

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Burial workers in India work around the clock because of Covid-19

Burial workers in India work around the clock because of Covid-19

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Lessons from disasters in India

Lessons from disasters in India

Many people blame the British variant, but there are certainly other factors, most importantly, perhaps that the Indians have stopped taking the pandemic seriously.

How to install Bluezone to help warn suspected Covid-19

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