India is vigilant, increasing troops to the Chinese border

India is vigilant, increasing troops to the Chinese border

At the joint session of the National Assembly on January 29, Indian President Ram Nath Kovind announced that he had increased the deployment of forces to the disputed Hymalaya border with China, amid tensions over border unrest. continued for many months, despite many rounds of negotiations, SCMP reported.

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India announced an increase in troops on the Chinese border, increasing its vigilance.

President Kovind said the government has increased its military presence at the Actual Control Line (LAC) along the 3,488 km (2,167 miles) joint border to protect the country’s sovereignty.

“My government is fully committed to protecting the interests of the country and is also very vigilant … Additional forces have also been deployed to protect India’s sovereignty over the LAC” – Mr. Kovind stated. clear.

The latest statement from the President of India caught the attention of the two sides that had once agreed to promote an early withdrawal after the tenth round of talks between senior military officials of the two countries was underway.

But the day before, Indian Foreign Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar accused China of belittling its commitments to reduce numbers’ in the border areas.

Mr. Jaishankar accused China of concentrating its military and building infrastructure on the border, describing a deadly clash last year as having “deeply disturbed” its relationship.

In his remarks at the January 28 “All-India China Research Conference”, Mr. Jaishankar said that the violence in the Himalayas of Ladakh in June last year killed 20 Indian soldiers and caused one The unspecified number of casualties for China “showed not only a disregard for the reduction in numbers, but also a willingness to violate peace and quiet”. It was the first deadly clash along the disputed border since 1975.

“It is worth noting that so far, we have yet to receive any credible explanation of China’s change of stance or the reason for the military massively in the border area. It is another issue that our forces have responded appropriately and maintained themselves in very difficult circumstances “- added Mr. Jaishankar.

India’s increased military deployment has not been recognized and publicly announced by the Chinese side. The Chinese military has also not reported a similar response.

The Indian military said earlier this week that the two sides had a “small clash” last week in the Sikkim region, but that incident was “settled by local commanders”.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry called on India to stop showing “a half-negotiating attitude” and “refrain from any unilateral action that could complicate or aggravate the border situation”.

Tensions have prompted India to issue a permanent ban on 59 Chinese apps, including TikTok and WeChat, for national security reasons.

Beijing urged the Indian side to reverse the bans, which it deems a violation of World Trade Organization principles.

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