India investigates the "toolkit" to encourage peasants rebellion published by Greta Thunberg

India investigates the “toolkit” to encourage peasants rebellion published by Greta Thunberg

Delhi authorities said the creators of the “toolkit” supporting Indian farmers’ rebellion, shared by Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg, will be investigated by police. The Indian side claimed that it was designed to “encourage dissatisfaction and malice” against the government.

(Breaking911 page reposted Greta’s old “toolkit” and tweet before it was removed)

Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg is said to have mistakenly posted a document on Twitter, showing instructions on what she should write on social media to encourage Indian farmers to fight the new regulations. government. Greta then hastily deleted the post, but it has been copied by many people.

The instructions in the “toolkit” explain how Thunberg can maximize its audience reach, with an emphasis on new agricultural laws in India that have caused tens of thousands of protesters in many last month.

India’s parliament passed three new agriculture bills in September 2020, which have affected small, independent farmers. Related protests have raised concerns that they could lead to the overthrow of the government. Tens of thousands of farmers have camped on the outskirts of the Indian capital New Delhi since November, calling for the new laws to be lifted.

The conflict between government and farmers over the past two months over the new agricultural law took a big international turn on Tuesday (February 2) after pop superstar Rihanna and Renowned Swedish climate change activist Greta Thunberg tweeted about backing the protests.

The “toolkit” shared by Thunberg offers basic advice including participating in on-the-spot demonstrations and demonstrating support on social media. It provides a list of tips and strategies for Greta, like re-posting and tagging influential celebrities like Rihanna.

Some other post formats, like how Greta should tag who, are also found in the document. In the post there are also plans to protest at Indian embassies and government offices abroad.

A suggested post template has the format: “@ (Celebrity / Influencer) Why don’t we talk about this?”

Another post template suggested tagging British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the United Nations on the topic of how the government deprived Indian farmers of human rights.

Police said the creators of the toolkit seemed “Wants to create discord among different social, religious and cultural groups and encourage dissatisfaction and malice against India’s (government)”.

After officials learned of the document intended to promote Indian farmers’ protests, the Indian government began a criminal investigation of the incident.

The Delhi police registered a lawsuit against Greta Thunberg under Sections 120B and 153-A of the Indian Penal Code on charges of “conspiracy to commit crimes and incite hatred.”

“The preliminary investigation has revealed that the ‘toolkit’ in question appears to have been created by the ‘Poetic Justice Foundation’ in favor of Khalistani”, police said in a statement citing Sikh separatists wanting to establish Khalistan’s homeland in northern India.

In a later Twitter post, Greta writes: “We unite with #FarmersProtest (farmer protests) in India. No hate, threat or violation of human rights can change that. ”

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