Sforum - India's latest technology news website builds its own IMEI database to track stolen smartphones

India builds its own IMEI database to track stolen smartphones

The new Indian government project is one of the top efforts to thoroughly prevent smartphone theft in this country.

As the second most populous country in the world, India is one of the "gold mines" of theft, especially on smartphones. And to prevent and mitigate this evil, the Indian government recently announced a plan to develop the world's first IMEI database, allowing tracking of stolen devices by numbers. IMEI.

According to a report from Indian Express, this database is called the Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR, temporary translation center), and once it is launched, Indian users can notify the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) about their stolen smartphone. The telecommunications department will combine the investigation with CEIR and will block the phone IMEI, making the device a brick block because data services cannot be used.

Not only that, CIER can also access GSMA's global IMEI data to identify devices with fake IMEI numbers.

Sforum - Latest technology page Header_EN_1105_How-to-Track-Your-Phone-if-Its-Stolen-or-Lost India builds its own IMEI database to track stolen smartphones

CIER includes 3 lists: black list, white list and gray list. Devices with whitelist IMEI numbers are valid devices. The blacklist will include the IMEI of stolen devices, while the gray list will be the monitoring equipment of the Indian Telecommunications Department.

The Indian telecommunications department said that there are dozens of fake devices on the market with invalid registered IMEI numbers. The CIER project is one of the Indian government's efforts to prevent these counterfeit devices, as well as help reduce theft that is raging in India in recent years.

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