Covid-19 patient in a hospital in India.  Photo: Reuters.

India arrested officials selling hospital beds

Two officials in the city of Bengaluru, India, were arrested on charges of accepting bribes to allocate hospital beds at will amid the Covid-19 tragedy.

According to Indian media on May 4, the two arrested officials were identified as Rohit and Netra, in the city of Bengaluru, capital of the southern state of Karnataka. Rohit and Netra were accused of accepting bribes of about $ 340-670 for a local hospital bed.

Bengaluru Kamal Pant police chief on the same day confirmed two suspects were being questioned for allegations of fraud and unusual hospital bed allocation. Mr. Pant added that the matter was forwarded to the Central Crime Bureau.

Covid-19 patient in a hospital in India. Image: Reuters.

Congressman Tejasvi Surya earlier accused local officials and frontline health workers in Bengaluru of colluding with each other to “buy” precious hospital beds amid the country’s Covid-19 tragedy.

Surya said hospital beds were originally set for Covid-19 patients being treated at home and these patients were not aware of it either. After the patient does not appear to be admitted to the hospital, the beds are automatically empty and officials will find someone to “buy” them. Surya claims this has happened in a thousand cases.

“This is the most disgusting thing that can happen in the midst of such a pandemic,” Senator Surya said, adding that the regional leader has pledged to deal with bribes in exchange for hospital beds.

India is experiencing one of the worst outbreaks of Covid-19 globally with more than 20.6 million cases and more than 225,000 nCoV deaths. Indian hospitals have been broken due to a severe lack of beds and medication.

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