Indecent assault Found guilty almost 47 years later

Indecent assault Found guilty almost 47 years later

The version of a Montreal businessman accused of indecent assault was found not to be credible by a judge, who found him guilty of acts that occurred in the 1970s.

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Alain Renaud, 72, founder of the natural products company Druide, and ex-press photographer, constantly repeated that he remembered nothing throughout his trial, which led Judge Dannie Leblanc to doubt his good faith.

The indecent assault on André Faille, aged 13 at the time, took place in a car on April 26, 1974. The accused, who was 24, had invited the teenager to visit him. ” accompany to make a photo report in a scrap yard in Saint-Philippe, in Montérégie.

The victim vividly remembers the carcasses of dead pigs that littered the ground between the discarded cars, and several details concerning the accused’s clothing and the appearance of his car. “A reliable and sincere testimony”, according to Judge Leblanc in her judgment.

Alain Renaud, on the other hand, did not remember ever having met Mr. Faille, nor having touched his penis and having had a fellatio. He relied on the newspaper article where his photos were published to confirm that he had done this photo essay which he had no memory of, and had to go to Google to remember the process of developing the photos he had. also forgotten, he said during his trial at the Longueuil courthouse.

Alain Renaud however met André Faille on several occasions in his own chalet, located in Rawdon, in Lanaudière, where the young person went every weekend with his scout group. He also didn’t really remember how he ended up buying this chalet with two other people, including Raymond Dandurand. The latter pleaded guilty to one count of indecent assault on the same victim, and was sentenced to prison in December 2019.

The court did not believe Alain Renaud’s version. “This total absence of memory seems to correspond to a desire to distance yourself from this era”, analyzed Judge Leblanc who declared him guilty.

The victim, André Faille, has requested that the publication ban on his identity be lifted and his name made public, in the hope that other victims will come forward. A request that was granted by the court.

Alain Renaud’s sentence will be pronounced at a later date.


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