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Increasing the record more than 10,500 cases of Covid-19 a day, Brazil calculated “squeeze” blockade

Increasing a record of more than 10,500 cases of Covid-19 a day, Brazil tightens the blockade - 1

Mass graves bury Covid-19 victims in Manaus, Brazil (Image: Reuters)

On May 6, the Brazilian Ministry of Health announced it had 10,503 cases of Covid-19 in a single day, a jump from the previous record of 7,288 cases on April 30. Brazil also has 615 more people killed by the epidemic, up from a record 600 recorded on 5/5.

In total, Brazil has recorded 125,218 cases and 8,536 deaths so far. However, about 100,000 tests of Covid-19 have been completed but have not yet been included in official statistics, according to health official Wanderson Oliveira. This means that the number of cases of SARS-CoV-2 virus in the coming days is expected to increase sharply.

Health Minister Nelson Teich said that before both the new cases and the deaths were on record levels, more and more localities could be subject to blockades and in some “hot spots”. more restrictive orders must be tightened to prevent further deterioration of the epidemic situation.

While some governments have ordered the closure of unnecessary businesses and services in most states, residents are still allowed to move. The current blockade order has only been applied in the city of Sao Luis to prevent people from leaving home unless necessary activities are taken.

However, Mr. Teich said some areas that have not been affected too much by the epidemic may consider reopening.

According to the Guardian, the disease activity does not seem to match the previous forecast of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro.

President Bolsonaro said on May 5 that Brazil may be overtaking Covid-19 as the number of deaths decreases for days. “It is a sign that the worst is over and I pray to God for this to be true,” he said.

In the past, President Bolsonaro has been criticized for thinking that Covid-19 is a mild disease and warns the economic crisis due to restrictions and blockade is more serious than the threat of the disease.

Bolsonaro also called on people not to implement the social separation measures introduced by state governors and return to work to prevent the economy from being affected. He even took to the streets to protest against orders to restrict travel.

Late last month, Mr. Bolsonaro was criticized for being asked about the information that 5,000 people died from the Covid-19 epidemic, and he replied, “So what? IAM sorry. But what do you want me to do now? “

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