Incitement to hatred Federal party leader criminally charged

Incitement to hatred Federal party leader criminally charged

The leader of the Canadian Nationalist Party, a right-wing federal political party based in Saskatchewan, has been charged with incitement to hatred following the publication of a video deemed anti-Semitic.

Travis Patron, the 29-year-old party leader based in Redvers, Saskatchewan, was in the sights of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) following the posting of a YouTube video titled “Beware the Parasitic Tribe ”in June 2019.

The existence of its video and its controversial Jewish content first attracted the attention of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, which reported its existence to the Carlyle RCMP Detachment in Saskatchewan.

Since then, four other contentious videos have been posted between April and June 2020, and were included in the investigation, the RCMP said on Wednesday.

Mr. Patron was arrested Monday and appeared on Wednesday to be formally charged.

The Canadian Nationalist Party is extremely marginal. He participated in the 2019 election, garnering a total of 281 votes, with 168 in Saskatchewan, 85 in Ontario and 28 in Quebec. This is the worst result among the 22 political parties that presented at least one candidate, according to data from Elections Canada.


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