In your opinion, should we choose mechanical watches (Automatic) or electronic watches (Digital Watch) here?
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In your opinion, should we choose mechanical watches (Automatic) or electronic watches (Digital Watch) here?

After comparing the mechanical watches (Automatic) and quartz watches (Quartz) before, some of my close friends texted Facebook and asked me, “Should I choose a mechanical or an electronic watch?” Have you ever asked such a question? If you haven’t found the answer yet, check out my article below.

Electronic clock (left) and mechanical clock (right).

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1. Mechanical watch (Automatic)

– How do you understand mechanical watches (Automatic)?

You may or may not know, but mechanical watches (also known as Automatic) are mechanical watches, with automatic winding mechanism (or adding manual winding function). Based on the Earth’s gravity principle, when you move your wrist, the rotor inside the watch movement will move around a fixed axis. After that, the fixed shaft will transfer power to the spring and the winding will be up like you would when you manually turn the winding.

The overall design of mechanical watches.

The first idea for these watches was that of Joseph Tlustos and appeared in 1773. But in 1776 – 1777, the first Automatic watch was born, built inside a pocket watch and this is Abraham’s invention – Loius Perrelet.

Automatic movement was installed in the first wrist watch in 1923 by John Harwood – English watchmaker. There are 4 types of winding winding system including:

  • Side – weight: This system is located at the edge of the watch movement and can fluctuate up and down within 40 degrees.
  • Center – weight: The scale axis is located in the center of the machine, which can be rotated upside down and clockwise (the rotation limit is 180 degrees).
  • Rotor – weight: Similar to Center – weight but in this system, the scale can rotate 360 ​​degrees.
  • Movement – weight: The whole movement will be the main axis and the rotating part will be the case of the watch.

– What are the advantages of mechanical watches?

  • No need to replace batteries
The base clock has an extremely complicated movement.

That’s right, with a mechanical watch (Automatic), you do not need to replace the battery like Quartz watches for example. Because as I mentioned above, the mechanical (Automatic) movement of the wrist makes the power source very convenient.

  • Creative and artistic design

Because to create a real mechanical watch movement, every detail needs manual manipulation, so it takes a lot of time, effort and intellect of the artisans. The product of the manufacturing process is a work of art specific to the watch industry and only mechanical watches have.

Mechanical watches are like a work of art.
  • Very good water resistance

Because watches before going to market must go through rigorous testing of pressure resistance should be sure that the mechanical resistance of mechanical watches will not disappoint you. The casing and other parts are perfectly assembled.

At the same time, the watch does not need to change batteries, so it is very rare to disassemble the parts, thereby making the possibility of crevice for water to enter is very rare.

– Disadvantages like?

  • High price

Indeed, everything has its price. To own a watch full of art, with the movement and meticulous details such as mechanical watches are forced, you have to spend a small amount of money.

The price of Automatic watches is very expensive.

One of the reasons for the higher price of mechanical watches is that the structure of mechanical watches is more complicated so it takes more time to process. You may not know, the number of details of a mechanical watch product can be in the hundreds.

  • Must adjust the time regularly due to errors

Although “moving the wrist so that the watch can move” sounds nice, sometimes we get unexpected effects. Because automatic watches often generate errors, you must regularly check and adjust the time.

Mechanical watches are prone to errors.

And yet, if you do not wear the watch for three days (or sometimes just over a day), the mechanical watch will be stiff so be forced, you must wear and exercise your wrist, or winding it.

  • Difficult to fix

Of course, with a watch with so many intricate and meticulous details like a mechanical watch, you will have a lot of difficulties repairing a mechanical watch. If your “mobile phone” is broken, don’t be afraid to bring “her” to a service center or a reputable watch repair shop.

Due to the complicated apparatus, repairing is difficult.

Do not fix yourself at home if you are not an expert because sometimes, fixing all the errors will accidentally make the computer worse, it is dangerous.

– Suitable audience

As I think, the mechanical watch will suit gentlemen and ladies who love elegance and meticulousness. In particular, mechanical watches symbolize elegance and nobility, is a luxury jewelry, a hobby of business people.

Electronic clock (Digital Watch)

– How do you understand electronic watches?

Digital watches, different from mechanical watches powered by mechanical energy, are watches that operate on electromagnetic energy and are operated by quartz (batteries) or light energy. Electronic clocks do not use the hour – minute – second hands to show the time, but all are represented by numbers on the LCD screen.

The overall design of the electronic clock.

In 1972, the famous Pulsar manufacturer released the Hamilton Pulsar P1 (Limited Edition). This is the first electronic watch in the world and a prerequisite for initiating the movement to produce electronic wristwatches.

– What are the advantages of an electronic clock?

  • Non-stop operation

If with a mechanical watch, when you do not wear the device for more than 1, 2 days, the watch will freeze. But with an electronic clock, because the machine uses a battery, the energy is continuously charged and transferred to the internal board. Thereby helping the watch to operate continuously.

  • High accuracy, little error

That’s right, if a mechanical watch has a lot of instability, then with an electronic watch, you will be extremely assured. As I mentioned above, due to the use of power from the battery, the circuit is always electric (if the battery has capacity), the number will keep running and the machine will not occur errors.

Electronic clock with high precision.

I really like this point of electronic watches and mechanical watches. Because in addition to beautiful design, I need something really stable and ensure continuous operation for a long time.

  • Easy to fix

If on a mechanical watch, you will have difficulty repairing because the movement is too meticulous, in electronic watches, everything is a lot easier. The internal apparatus design is not too complicated, so you can easily repair, replace or test (if necessary).

  • Low price

It is as if the disadvantages of mechanical watches are the bright points of electronic watches. If you have to spend a lot of money to buy luxury Automatic watches with impressive design, you can own 2 or even 3 different types of electronic watches, with models and own designs. distinct.

The price of electronic watches is very affordable.

Think about it, the price of a mechanical watch is three times the price of a fraudulent electronic watch! However, many people are still willing to buy themselves a mechanical watch because the machine is so beautiful and hard to resist. I have to admit this.

– Disadvantages like?

  • The battery must be replaced

Unlike mechanical watches, electronic watches have to change batteries periodically and this is something you must do if you do not want that “hard”. The battery replacement depends on the type and segment of the device you are using anymore, because there is a replacement machine once a year, but it takes a longer time (3 years for example).

  • Water resistance decreases

Periodic battery changes not only make you insecure for fear of swapping accessories, but also affecting your watch. With each change of battery, the water resistance of the electronic watch is reduced.

Electronic watches may decrease their resistance to water over time.

Therefore, if you keep changing batteries continuously, the water resistance will decrease very quickly, because every time you open the machine, the gap between the connecting parts will become wider.

  • Not as elegant as “somebody else”

Honestly, electronic watches are beautiful but not luxurious and elegant compared to classic watches. Therefore, usually users will choose mechanical watches instead of electronic watches to turn on the luxurious outfit they are wearing on them.

Electronic watches are also beautiful, but not as beautiful as mechanical watches.

And do you know, some sources also believe that due to electronic watches are easy to mass produce and have low prices, they are often considered cheap watches.

– Suitable audience

Unlike mechanical watches, electronic watches have a larger ecosystem with a variety of diverse models. Thanks to that, the electronic clock can be suitable for a lot of different users: old, young, big, baby, boy, girl, student, office worker, … can be used easily. .

In your opinion, should we choose mechanical watches (Automatic) or electronic watches (Digital Watch)?

The answer I will give to you. Because, not everyone likes mechanical watches and vice versa. Automatic and Digital Watch, each product has its own color, toward two completely separate styles: Elegant and youthful.

If you are a gentleman, a guy who wakes up every morning with a cool suit or shirt, choose for yourself a mechanical watch to exaggerate the beauty of the outfit and elegance. If you wake up to a vibrant and colorful day, choose an electronic watch.

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Edited by Vuong Gia Bao

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