In the variety show "It's a Boy", Xiao Dong is really heart-warming and has been running around to take care of Wang Junkai

In the variety show “It’s a Boy”, Xiao Dong is really heart-warming and has been running around to take care of Wang Junkai

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This should be the closest to the way he usually gets along with his friends in private. I really made a kitten. If I don’t sit well, I will be paralyzed. My brother drove in the back row and was in a daze. When he got interested, he would sing strangely. , At night, I have enough energetic noise before going to bed before I go to bed satisfied, singing my favorite songs and my favorite friends, wandering around here and there to kill time, and it doesn’t matter when I am bored in time. I hope he can give it every year. Arrange this kind of time for yourself, take a break and rest, Xiao Dong is really heart-warming.

I keep running around to take care of Wang Junkai. People who have a daughter-in-law are not the same. Haoran is not very good at taking care of others, and she is not very active when she looks at them. She will help if there is something busy, but she will not take the initiative to come up with ideas, for example. Xiao Dong will think of going to get Rhodiola, Haoran obviously hasn’t been buried by his girlfriend. He is a straight man and he is not careful. Everyone has different personalities and different ways of getting along. Just like some people are very dignified and some people live very free and easy, there is no contrast between the good and the bad between the two lifestyles, as long as you live comfortably.

They are fighting each other to enliven the atmosphere, they are comfortable on their own, and the three of them are very close. Dong Zijian is really a very well-educated person. In fact, living in Japan doesn’t have to be so troublesome, but watching his brothers cook, order cakes, and finally eat noodles. I think Dong is mature, emotional and considerate. It’s really a model, knowing what you want, and being able to tolerate others. I envy Sun Yi, but I also think that Sun Yi should also be very shining and also a very interesting girl. I hope that they will achieve each other in the future. The reality show is very real. I was very moved when I watched the third episode.

Even the director group was excited to say that this is the reality show. The three children travel like this once a year. Relaxing ourselves also allows us to recall the beauty of life. Although many things are not well thought out, and so much money has been swindled to buy things, he is so real. I think his life and rest are really healing. When he goes to bed, he doesn’t feel bad in bed in the morning. He wears very nice clothes. He walks on a hanger and holds a thermos cup in his hand. He has a humorous personality and is very polite to people. I really like him in this variety show.

Haoran has a very good personality, and he can play a joke. For me, if anyone says that I sing badly, I might just shut down the microphone. In fact, don’t care too much about who always takes care of who and who always chooses who is better with whom. Xiao Dong is the oldest and has his own delicate personality characteristics, and he is also a dad. It is likely that he will take on the role of caring for people in the group. Xiao Kai, the youngest, has relatively weak physical fitness and tends to be taken care of by older people in the group. Relying on the caregiver, Haoran is a bit like the second child of the three brothers, and is also second in age.

Originally, the character is not delicate, but I am also a stronger character. The personalities of these three people are doomed to the situation that the audience sees. Looking at the real men he participated in before, the younger brother Haoran is the youngest in the group. He doesn’t rely much on being taken care of and is a child with a stronger personality. The situation of one-to-two fighting and confrontation training is still majestic and arrogant. Can withstand the two people’s “siege and intercept” to win the confrontation training. I feel that he is a boy with a juvenile spirit and a quirky spirit. He is a boy who is not bad-hearted and can get along with his friends straightforwardly. But at the same time, he is actually a very sensitive boy who will take care of the feelings of others. He is really disturbed. He won’t lose his temper, such as when he sings badly or is awakened by his friends when he wants to sleep at night. So it feels very distressed.


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