The WRX, which has been independently represented by the Impreza car series as a performance representative, is sold in Japan under the name WRX S4. Although the four-door RV is starting to go downhill at the moment when crossovers are popular, the WRX is still for performance fans. With a lofty status, SUBARU is now also expected to release the latest generation of WRX S4 in the third quarter of 2021. It will be replaced with a new SGP chassis platform and 2.4L turbocharged engine, as well as a retuned suspension system, which will bring a new driving experience. It’s fun to control, but Taiwan is limited by laws and regulations. The probability of WRX S4 introduction may not be high!

Reprinted from: CARLINK chain car network
Original: The specification determines that Taiwan has no chance? In the third quarter of 2021, Subaru’s new WRX S4, 2.4L turbo 290hp!
Written by: Cai Zhijian Chien

The exterior styling continues the new WRX S4 of the 2017 concept car Viziv Performance Concept. It is the most original SUBARU masterpiece (because of the increase in TOYOTA’s shareholding ratio, the purity may not be as high as in the past), and the same structure as the current Levorg on the 2,670mm axle The 4,650×1,805×1,450mm body size is slightly wider than Levorg’s 1,795mm, and the height is reduced by 50mm. It is understood that the difference in vehicle height is mainly due to the difference in suspension system. If compared with the current WRX, the new generation The length and wheelbase of the vehicle are increased by 55mm and 20mm respectively, making them wider and flatter overall. In addition, LED head and tail lights, 18-inch aluminum alloy wheels, four-exhaust tailpipes, electronic suspension (same as Levorg STI Sport), etc. will all be included in the WRX S4.

In terms of power, due to the strict regulations of various countries, the new WRX S4 will be equipped with a 2.4L horizontal four-cylinder direct injection turbocharged engine, which is the same FA24 as the American Ascent, Outback, and Legacy. The output power will be adjusted. It is 290hp/42.0kgm, (but there is also a saying that it may reach 300hp/42.1kgm). Based on the pursuit of better fuel consumption and economic performance, the original plan to adopt DCT dual clutches has ended, and the CVT stepless automatic The gearbox, but the original factory has been redesigned and set to minimize the problems that have been criticized in the past. At the same time, it also provides a six-speed manual transmission option. After all, the WRX S4 still takes control performance as the main axis. Only CVT can satisfy most This is the driving habit of consumers, but completely loses the fun essence of WRX. Of course, like multi-function steering wheel, three-mode SI-DRIVE, five-mode driving selection, EyeSight 4.0, AWD, bucket racing seats, 12.3-inch instrumentation, 11.6-inch multimedia touch screen (audio and video, constant temperature air conditioning, etc.), rear seat front Tilt function, USB socket, electronic hand brake, etc., are also included in the equipment list according to each level like Levorg.

However, due to the Wuhan pneumonia epidemic and the current global shortage of automotive chips, even if it can be released in the third quarter as scheduled, there is still a big question mark when the new WRX S4 can be delivered smoothly. However, in the past, SUBZRU should be The Japanese and American markets are given priority and will be supplied to other markets later. As for Taiwan, which is taking the European route, it is currently stuck with strict regulations. Although the new WRX S4 is expected to perform better than the current fuel consumption, it is difficult to pass the regulations. It is speculated that the probability of the new WRX S4 coming on stage may not be as high as expected. Even if the horsepower of the Japanese version has 290hp, if it can enter the local market smoothly, it may be castrated and only left about 240hp!