In the Spring Festival Gala, Yang Mi's red dress is bumpy and tight, Tong Liya is white and plump, and Reba is charming and charming.

In the Spring Festival Gala, Yang Mi’s red dress is bumpy and tight, Tong Liya is white and plump, and Reba is charming and charming.

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The Spring Festival Gala of the Year of the Ox has set a number of communication records.

It is reported that on the night of New Year’s Eve, more than 620 media from more than 170 countries and regions around the world broadcast the Spring Festival Gala, with a total cross-media audience of 1.272 billion people.

Of course, there are many “traditional” factors in this, but more because the people on the Spring Festival Gala stage are “too good-looking”.

Handsome guys gathered, beautiful girls gathered.

Just this super-high appearance can make countless viewers stare at the TV “deadly” to the end.

Today, let Uncle Fan take you to see how beautiful the beauties on the Spring Festival Gala are! !

01, Li Sisi

As Dong Qing’s successor, Li Sisi’s hosting skills are very good.

At the age of 35 this year, she has already appeared on the Spring Festival Gala 8 times, and her appearance and temperament are absolutely unmistakable.

With delicate short hair and a red tunic dress, her shoulders, waist, long legs and other characteristics are vividly protruding. It is a model of hot moms, which is really amazing.

However, what she never expected was that shortly after the Spring Festival Gala was broadcast, she actually became a hot search for “White Teeth” and “Lipstick”.

02, Tong Liya

Yaya, who is the perfect goddess of high beauty, amazed countless audiences as soon as she appeared.

Wearing a silk-textured red dress, she not only showed off her delicate collarbone, but the bow on her waist also added a bit of playfulness and cuteness.

Gao Pan’s hair is paired with headbands and ear decorations, revealing a bit of intellectual beauty among the capable and mature.

03, Jin Chen

She became popular again from “Sister Riding the Wind and Waves”, becoming more sexy and mature.

In 2020, she has also gained a lot, with variety shows and film and television dramas almost without interruption.

This time, on the big stage of the Spring Festival Gala, it was even more gorgeous.

Wearing a red self-cultivation dress with a beautiful red makeup, the smile is like a flower, and between smiles and frowns, there is endless charm.

To be reasonable, her facial features are very delicate, and the bright red hue matches her skin tone.

Even netizens said: I can’t describe my mood at that time!

04, Jiang Shuying

Jiang Shuying has always been a recognized goddess of temperament in the entertainment industry.

Her dignified features and gentle temperament also make many people feel her own sense of maturity.

She has become famous with many films and TV series, and this is the third time she has appeared on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala.

She is beautiful in a suspender skirt, dignified and majestic, revealing white and thin shoulders and neck, full of sexy.

Not only that, there are many tulle embellishments under the long skirt, adding a gorgeous and dreamy feel.

05, Liu Haocun

This new “meek girl” is exactly the cutie on the stage, so popular!

The red jacket is paired with a short skirt, which is particularly energetic.

Although she partnered with the big beauty Di Lieba, the lovely temperament exuded from her is super charming, and she does not lose the latter at all.

However, in terms of its shape, there are still many bright spots.

After all, on the stage, being decent is the most important thing!

06, Guan Xiaotong

“National Girl” Guan Xiaotong, 24 years old this year, will be on the Spring Festival Gala in her birth year and be able to sing with the heavenly king Andy Lau on the same stage, which is really enviable.

This time, her Spring Festival Gala look is also particularly festive.

The red pettiskirt + cute horns dress on the head, not only has a youthful atmosphere, but also matches the dress of a festive girl.

Of course, on the stage, the most noticeable thing is her “big legs”.

Don’t be too good in figure!

07、Ouyang Nana

As a “national girl”, compared to Guan Xiaotong’s sexy girlish style, Ouyang Nana’s dress is much more conservative.

This time, she is wearing a red long-sleeved tunic with long tail hair, which is very cute.

This dress is very youthful, under the light, the collagen on the face is full of cuteness.

In recent years, Ouyang Nana has also gradually emerged in the circle, not only seamlessly connecting variety shows and film and television, but also has a good performance in music.

Looking at it this way, her future can be expected!

08, Di Lieba

Di Lieba’s smile should be the most healing on the Spring Festival Gala stage.

So much love!

A red princess-style fluffy long dress, with red big bow hair accessories, tied with a particularly fluffy ball head, the safe “Dinnis at large”, cute and pure at the same time, highlighting the super high value.

Not only that, the tight waistband makes her figure look particularly slender.

The collarbone and swan neck are also highlights!

In short, it is beautiful!

09, Ni Ni

White, beautiful, and good acting skills, I’m talking about Ni Ni.

Look at her sitting posture in the Spring Festival Gala, full of grace!

This time, she boarded the Spring Festival Gala, a neatly cut and generous white coat, inside is a uniform, with a small silk scarf, this OL temperament, no one!

The clean, short hair, and the look that seems wronged but also in love, really makes people addicted to her looks and can’t extricate themselves.

Ni Ni, who came out of “Jinling Thirteen Hairpins”, has become more and more outstanding.

I hope to see her even more amazing roles in the future!

10. Yang Mi

As a “fashionable” Yang Mi, the styling on the stage naturally does not lose to everyone.

A set of Chinese-style red dress, which combines the elements of cheongsam and princess dress, is very eye-catching.

Tomato-colored red lips, with a small hairpin, completely girlish feeling ↓

In recent years, Yang Mi’s career has become more prosperous.

Not only has the film and television made great breakthroughs, but also his own company has made great achievements.

Yang Mi, 35 years old this year, made her debut in the Spring Festival Gala. For her, it was more of encouragement and positive energy.

Looking forward to more exciting performances of Dali Mi in the future!

11. He Sui, Zhang Zilin, Xi Mengyao

As supermodels, they have nothing to say about their temperament.

On the stage of the Spring Festival Gala this time, a Chinese style catwalk came, which was also amazing.

In the show, He Sui wears a red Chinese dress with exquisite decorations, and his feathers are vivid.

While it is amazing, I also feel the profoundness of Chinese clothing culture.

And Zhang Zilin herself is Miss World.

I have been pregnant for 6 months in the Spring Festival Gala, but under the white feather clothes, the condition is also particularly good.

The hair crown on the head has a sacred charm.

Of course, Xi Mengyao, who has become a wealthy daughter-in-law, has returned to its peak on stage.

Wearing an exquisite dress and a pagoda-shaped hair crown on top of his head, he is very extravagant.

Exquisite facial features can show its charm.

I have to say that the Spring Festival Gala this year is really eye-catching.

While the show is exciting, almost all actresses are blooming their charms.

But you have to ask me, who do you like the most?

I can only answer: children make choices, and adults want everything!


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