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In the old hand, the Sony Bluetooth SBH-50 is so beautiful, using the music to make the speakers very convenient

Today the speaker Alexa spoiled, normally I use it to play Bluetooth music from the computer to the speaker, so I have to look for another one. Suddenly homesick with a Sony SBH50, a Bluetooth receiver with a speaker jack, has been neglected for several years, so it should be charged and tried. Alas, so great, SBH50 is not only a technology device, it also has the design at a time when the Xperia is still golden, and of course the feature still runs well after years of neglect without charging.

In fact, this SBH50 was designed by Sony to be a sweatshirt, it has a 3.5mm jack to connect to the headset and has a built-in microphone, convenient when you go on the road. The beauty of SBH50 is that you are not bound to the Bluetooth headset, you have good headphones that can be plugged into. In the past, Bluetooth integrated headphones were quite expensive, they didn't have the right wireless headphones like AirPods, so I really liked this Sony solution. I remember correctly, I bought it in 2013, which is 6 years now.

SBH50 version I bought is white, it uses a monochrome OLED screen to display basic information about the music as well as to configure, reset, connect Bluetooth (support pair with 2 devices, can switch over re-use each time), and view call information. Along the camera side there is a play pause button to transfer music, and near the screen there is a call button

Looking at the square design of SBH50 made me relate to the machines like Xperia S, Xperia Z in the past. Those designs were simple but still extremely specific to Sony, unlike any other smartphone, and they were also very beautiful. If I don't use my iPhone, I'll buy an Android phone, Sony, for sure. In 2013-2014, I did not use iPhone as a phone, at that time, I either used Sony or used HTC only. It was not until the end of 2014 on when iPhone Plus appeared when I changed it because I liked the wide screen.

I haven't used SBH50 for about 3 years now, I switched to using wired headphones because this white and white lump with people sometimes bothered, it was quite sloppy, sitting in the company was not happy because I was entangled so Always use the cord. By the end of 2018, the AirPods will be changed, so there is no chance to return to SBH50.

Currently I am extremely satisfied with using SBH50 as a Bluetooth receiver for my home speakers. The easy connection, can pair with 2 devices, beautifully designed, using the microUSB port as the power port (still with battery) are the great ones of SBH50.

After SBH50 Sony has added more new lines but most are still quite big and slightly round, I don't like it very much. Another line is also a Bluetooth receiver but with a square, I don't like it, so I don't buy it, just like this long style

Please see the photo of this Bluetooth department.

Loading tai_nghe_bluetooth_sony_sbh_50_1.jpg ...

The front is simple, beautiful, with a round button to press to receive a call

Loading tai_nghe_bluetooth_sony_sbh_50_3.jpg ...

3.5mm headphone jack so you can output the sound to the speaker or any wired headset you like

Loading tai_nghe_bluetooth_sony_sbh_50_5.jpg ...

MicroUSB port for charging and power button

Loading tai_nghe_bluetooth_sony_sbh_50_7.jpg ...

Music control buttons, back button of the menu. From this angle you can also see the design of the clothespin.

Loading tai_nghe_bluetooth_sony_sbh_50_6.jpg ...

The back has the Sony logo and NFC. This department can pair quickly with Android phones with NFC, the pressure is used only, very happy. At that time NFC was trend.

Loading tai_nghe_bluetooth_sony_sbh_50_4.jpg ...

This stripe is actually because the OLED screen does not match the scanning frequency with its camera, rather than the faulty screen. SBH50 is still running well.

Duy Luân

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