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In the hands of Salomon Slab Sense 8 Soft Ground: What is the difference between running shoes?

Slab Sense is Salomon’s most advanced running shoe segment, always integrated with the latest technology and materials. The model 2020 that I have on hand is full name is Salamon Slab Sense 8 Soft Ground. Please watch the video on hand:

Slab Sense 8 Soft Ground carries on it the distinctive design and color, looking at it immediately comes from the Salomon family.

Most prominent on Sense 8 Soft Ground is the elastic band covering the mudguard (gaiter) integrated into the shoe. The highly integrated gaiter and tight grip help mud, dirt and other components of the track do not splash into shoes causing discomfort for runners.

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Salomon first integrated guiter into shoes is on the model Salomon XA Enduro, but the operation of removing and removing is quite difficult. The integrated gaiter on Sense 8 Soft Ground is improved, made of extremely soft elastic elastic, hugging the runner’s ankles but still very easy to carry in – take out.

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Quicklace shoelaces, for easy and super fast shoe adjustment. There is a small hole to tuck the excess cord to help shoes very neat

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The tongue part with the padding runs along to prevent the wearer from getting the fastness of the instep of the foot

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The upper part of the shoe is sewn largely by mesh and extremely elastic and airy. This fabric also helps Sense 8 Soft Ground shoes drain quickly

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The sole is the biggest difference between off-road and flat running shoes, with a sole structure with large, pointed spikes that help grip the road and stabilize the ankles on complex terrains.

Because Sense 8 Soft Ground is a specialized shoe for running on soft terrain (Dalat is one of the typical soft terrain), its spikes are quite high and pointed (the version running on hard ground will be short. and less pointed).

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