Sforum - The latest technology information page iPad-va-macBook-the-su-dung-man-hinh-OLED-1 In the future, iPad and MacBook can use OLED screens manufactured by Samsung

In the future, iPad and MacBook can use OLED screens produced by Samsung

Samsung is the exclusive supplier of OLED displays for the iPhone X and its successor iPhone models as part of the agreement provided with Apple. However, because iPhone sales were lower than expected in recent quarters, Apple was reported to have ordered fewer OLED panels from Samsung than originally planned.

Due to the shortage, South Korea's ETNews reports that Apple currently owes Samsung a fine of hundreds of millions of dollars. However, instead of paying cash, the report says Apple has suggested many other options such as pledging OLED display orders for future products like "tablets and laptops." ".

This information is consistent with a recent report from South Korea's The Elec website, saying Samsung is in talks with Apple about providing OLED screens for the all-new MacBook Pro 16-inch and iPad Pro models in the future. hybrid

It is known that OLED screens can provide some benefits for future iPad Pro and MacBook Pro models with lower power consumption, increased brightness, more vibrant color display and response time. faster than LCD. OLED panels are usually thinner, which can lead to thinner and lighter product designs.

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