In the first week of February, Tencent invested in 5 game companies

From February 1st to February 7th, Tencent has invested in 5 game companies.

Bobo and friends

Guangxi Tencent Venture Capital Co., Ltd., an investment company under Tencent, has invested in a female-oriented game manufacturer, Bobo and its partners (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Bobomen”), accounting for 25% of the shares.

According to public information, Bobos was established in February 2015. The company “out of” two business lines in six years: travel and games. The former is an “Eat on the Road” app that is currently in operation, while the latter is an interactive card female-to-love mobile game “Sing Yuan: Love Idol” (referred to as “Love! Idol”) launched in 2019. , The game provides daily star-chasing tasks and plot play behind the scenes of the popular idol group.

East Pole Six Senses

Tencent and Station B have recently jointly invested in Dongji Liugan, a developer of “Carpenter Wood”. According to industry and commerce information, Tencent and Station B each hold 10% of Dongji Liugan.

Dongji SixSenses Ownership Structure

“Craftsman” is a national style decryption game to experience mortise and tenon joints, and got a high score of 9.2 on TapTap.

Yoerha Technology

According to the Tianyancha App, on February 5, Shanghai Yoerha Technology Co., Ltd. had a business information change, and the investor (equity) added Guangxi Tencent Venture Capital Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Yoerha Technology Co., Ltd. registered capital from 1 million. Yuan increased to 1,086,957 yuan, an increase of approximately 8.69%. Shanghai Yoerha Technology Co., Ltd. was established on November 11, 2020. The company’s business scope includes technology development in the field of software technology, animation game development, and animation design.

Xinghai Interactive Entertainment

Tianjin Xinghai Mutual Entertainment Information Technology Co., Ltd. recently completed its shareholding change and added its shareholder Guangxi Tencent Venture Capital Co., Ltd., which holds 15% of the shares.

At the same time, Tianjin Xinghai Interactive Entertainment Co., Ltd., a new shareholder, Tianjin Zilong Singularity Interactive Entertainment Co., Ltd.

According to public information, Tianjin Xinghai Interactive Entertainment was established on 2020-09-07, and its business scope: general projects: technical services, technology development, technology consulting, technology exchange, technology transfer, technology promotion; engineering and technology research and experimental development; Software development; animation game development.

Shanghai Argon Purple

Shanghai Argon Purple Network Technology Co., Ltd. recently completed its shareholding change and added its shareholder Linzhi Tencent Investment Management Co., Ltd., with the latter accounting for 14.29%.

According to public information, Shanghai Argon Purple Network was established on 2019-08-14, under the company’s “Winter Solstice Project Mobile Game Software”.


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