In the eyes of Huawei, Apple is a model for customer privacy - VnReview

In the eyes of Huawei, Apple is a model for customer privacy – VnReview

Huawei CEO calls Apple a model when it comes to protecting user privacy.

Huawei founder and CEO, Ren Zhengfei, answered with Financial Times that if his company was asked to unlock their devices by the Chinese government, he would follow Apple and refuse. Remember last year, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that he would never turn his customers into sales products.

In addition, in 2016, despite the court's request, Apple did not unlock the alleged iPhone 5C of the Syed Farook murderer in the bloody shooting in San Bernardino. Apple is concerned that if they create a special iOS version that will allow the FBI to unlock the iPhone of the iPhone, it means threatening the privacy of all iPhone users.

Mr. Nham said that user data is always owned by customers and only new operators are the parties to collect them, not smartphone manufacturers. But now, Huawei is being listed by the US Department of Commerce as banning the use of its technologies and software with the concern that Huawei may be required by the Chinese government to track users.

And that led to rumors that Huawei's phone contained a backdoor to send user information to Beijing. Many times Huawei denies, even the president of the company, Liang Hua proposed to sign a "no spy" commitment with any country.

Mr. Nham said: "We will never sell user data. If I do it even once, then the US will have evidence to spread to the whole world. After that 170 countries we are cooperating with. will stop buying products, and our company will collapse Who will pay the debts we are having? Our employees are qualified so they will resign and establish companies "I would rather die than ever do it."

Huawei CEO said that President Trump's administration had no basis to raise concerns about the company, and noted that the Chinese government only manages private companies through the use of laws and taxes. . He also stated that the domestic government is not involved in any Huawei business: "I don't know why the US government is so closely managing such tech companies. They behave like a mother-in-law, and their daughters-in-law will soon escape if they are too strict."

Because of the ban, Huawei is expected to slump revenue to $ 30 billion this year, along with an estimated profit of only about $ 8 billion for 2019. Although it has previously raised ambitions beyond via Samsung since 2016 but now, Chinese manufacturers have admitted that will not be the world's largest smartphone maker next year.

According to the Phone Arena, Huawei shipped 206 million smartphones in 2018, ranking third after Samsung and Apple, as well as behind Samsung in the first quarter of this year when selling 59 million units. But now, Huawei says it will reduce the number of smartphones sold outside China by 40 to 60% this year, indicating a total of 140 to 160 million smartphone orders for 2019.

Last week, US and Chinese presidents Donald Trump and Xi Jinping agreed to a temporary postponement of the trade war between the two countries. Trump said that the Chinese side had agreed to buy large quantities of US agricultural products. He also allows "US technology companies sell their products to Huawei. Allowed products will be devices that don't have any national security issues.". However, there has not been any move since then that Huawei has been removed from the blacklist.

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