In the era of Internet dividends, how does the online economy defend its "backside"?

In the era of Internet dividends, how does the online economy defend its “backside”?

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“The epidemic has advanced digitalization for at least ten years. The arrival of 5G will accelerate our entry into the interconnected, 100-billion-level future.” Zhu Min, Dean of the National Institute of Finance of Tsinghua University, said at the Bund Conference in September 2020.

The explosive growth of the online economy has brought a more convenient life, but the double-edged sword effect of the digital transition is also constantly playing out. With the popularization of digitization, the cyber illicit products hiding in the dark have gradually expanded in scale, breaking the virtuous circle of market ecology, causing many companies to complain.

Cyber ​​black industry uses the Internet as the main medium and network technology as the main means. There are various forms that endanger the security of the network, enterprises and even the society. The “2019 China Digital Finance Anti-fraud Panorama Report” shows that there are more than 200 black industry practitioners in my country. Ten thousand people, the market scale has reached 100 billion level, and has penetrated into various industries of online business.

In recent years, the interest chain of cybersecurity has become increasingly complete, and its harm has further expanded. National regulatory agencies have also adopted strict governance measures. According to data from the Ministry of Public Security’s website, as of the end of 2020, cybersecurity agencies across the country have investigated and handled a total of 265 black and gray property cases. 1,637 criminal suspects were arrested, and 2.25 online accounts that were maliciously registered and illegally used were seized. Even so, only the tip of the iceberg has been revealed in the chain of interests of cyber hacking.

Cyber ​​hacked production has clearly threatened the benefits of enterprises. Therefore, it is not only about the national regulatory authorities to combat cyber hacked production. Enterprises should shoulder the main responsibility and work together to fight against cyber hacked production.The scale of the black industry industry is positively related to the degree of digital penetration. The increasing traffic of the platform is the best “nutrient” for online black production. Therefore, what means to use to solve the status quo has become the most important lifeline of digital enterprises. One.

Grow while overturning

Under the influence of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, traditional industries have accelerated their embrace of digital transformation. Internet C-end services such as social networking, gaming, e-commerce, live broadcasting, and online education have developed rapidly with the surge in user demand, and at the same time, it has also driven the “sale of water” in the Internet industry People”-2B industries such as SaaS and PaaS are on the rise.

But while the online economy is booming, rollover accidents have emerged one after another, including two types of risk accidents:Business risk, content risk.

During the epidemic, a large number of celebrities entered the e-commerce live broadcast industry, but they rushed into hot searches several times due to data fraud. Talk show actor Li Xueqin and well-known agent Yang Tianzhen and other guests were invited to participate in a live broadcast of “Double Eleven” 3C digital products. The platform showed a total of 3.11 million viewers. However, according to relevant media reports, the actual audience is actually less than 110,000.

In June last year, an online education software was interviewed and rectified by the Beijing Cyberspace Administration of China in conjunction with territorial education authorities due to vulgar videos and content that instigated premature love. It requested to improve the information security system, strengthen content review, and fulfill the main responsibility .

These accidents revealed that the corporate risk control system has been unable to meet the increasing business needs. With the increase in supervision and rectification, companies are also actively building their own security lines of defense, continuously strengthening business, marketing, and content risk control capabilities, and seeking cooperation with professional online business risk control providers to build a more intelligent risk control system.

It seems accidental, but it is inevitable

In the summer of 2015, Tang Huijun, who was still working at 360 at the time, accidentally received a consultation call from a friend in the e-commerce industry. The other party mentioned that the company’s business was deeply troubled by black and gray products. He hoped that Tang Huijun could help solve the urgent need. At that time, the two parties did not expect that the risks mentioned in this phone call would explode into a problem that cannot be ignored in the online economy in the near future.

After thorough investigation, Tang Huijun found that there is no risk control product on the market that can help customers in all aspects of defense. He is well versed in artificial intelligence, and immediately recruited several other partners to establish Shumei in a residential house near Qinghe Technology, co-founder and CTO Liang Kun is one of them. The two got acquainted with Baidu, and they are quite accomplished in search recommendation, anti-fraud, risk control and other big data applications. Other start-up team members of SUMEI also have deep accumulation in AI and data.

The two main products of SUMEI Technology, Skynet and Tianjing, are mainly in the form of SaaS. The former is a business risk control product built by SUMEI combined with years of experience in countering illegal production. It aims to protect customers from fraud in marketing activities and channel traffic cheating. The latter is a content risk identification product built with artificial intelligence technology to provide customers with efficient, accurate and comprehensive content review filtering, helping customers identify text, pictures, audio, video, and web pages The emergence of pornographic, political, vulgar, pornographic, and diversion advertising issues.

Sumei Technology Risk Control Product Matrix

Regarding how to meet the needs of different industries, Liang Kun explained that SUMEI provides customers with a set of highly standardized comprehensive solutions. Although the external forms of business in different industries are different, they are essentially the same. For example, the banking industry covers online shopping malls, online payments, and other businesses. Its business forms are different from those of the e-commerce industry, but the essence is the same, and the risks involved are what Sumei Technology is best at. When encountering these customer needs, we can provide customers with the most suitable solution by in-depth study of the scene and corresponding adjustment of the model and strategy parameters. Even in the environment of this year’s epidemic, Sumei Technology is still able to maintain rapid growth. This is inseparable from their strong technical capabilities and past performance, as well as their unique business model and product form.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, a large amount of demand flooded online, Internet 2C applications continued to be popular, and Sumi also grew with the rapid growth of old customers. On the other side, Sumei also noticed that many traditional industries, such as banking, real estate, retail, and airlines, are migrating many offline businesses to online, and they are also facing the same threat of black production, the digitalization of traditional customer groups Migration has also become a development opportunity for SUMEI.

For example, Sumei recently established a cooperative relationship with Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. As one of China’s largest traditional banking institutions by assets, ICBC has been accelerating and deepening the process of digital banking and financial services in recent years. The total customer scale of its “Sanrong” platform has exceeded 300 million. The two parties cooperate to explore more efficient and smarter financial risk control solutions.

“As long as customer traffic continues to grow, we will continue to develop rapidly.”Liang Kun was full of confidence.

More “cunning opponent”

“The black industry chain of the Internet has gradually incubated and matured, and has developed into organization and groupization. Hackers have occurred frequently, and various acts of stealing information continue to occur. Information security at the national and individual levels is facing new problems and challenges. .” Lu Shuchun, secretary general of the China Internet Finance Association, once said.

SUMEI also noticed that the black industry with which it is fighting is no longer a single individual, but a professional organization.

Liang Kun introduced,The black chain can be divided into four layers.The bottom layer is the intelligence layer, which uses crawlers or other monitoring technologies to discover various platform activities and vulnerabilities; then is the resource layer, which provides resources such as proxy IP, equipment farms, mobile phone numbers, and code-connecting platforms for black products; sell on the upper layer Specific automation tools such as APP registration machine and refreshing machine; the top layer is the realization layer, which turns the collected wool into actual benefits.

Complete black production chain

With the increasingly complete industry chain of the black industry and the gradual improvement of attack technology, the prevention and control strategy must also gradually evolve. To this end, Sumei Technology has established a black industry research institute to actively explore black industry intelligence, reproduce black industry evils, and conduct in-depth research on the underlying tools of black industry, and formulate a complete anti-fraud strategy with a target.

E-commerce marketing activities have always been the key hunting targets of the black production and wool party. For example, in 2018, Starbucks launched a new user registration ceremony. In just one and a half days, 400,000 false registrations took away a large number of coupons and lost nearly 10 million yuan.

Many e-commerce customers of Sumei Technology have suffered a loss in marketing. A previous e-commerce platform customer case of SUMEI occurred when the iPhone 6S was first launched. At that time, many black products posted or private messages on the platform “As long as 1800, take the brand new iPhone 6s home.” Most consumers can see through this simple scam at a glance. ; However, some people who have been on the Internet soon have been subjected to routine tricks. After being deceived, they will mistakenly think that it is a fraudulent sale of e-commerce platforms, hurting the reputation of the platform.

After being aware of the problem, the e-commerce platform also quickly took measures-they set up a dedicated human review team, but the results were minimal until they started using SUMEI’s “Skynet”.SUMEI identified high-risk black production accounts, not only found all fraudulent advertisements, but also blocked them in real time.

Another case that impressed Liang Kun occurred in 2018. At that time, the traffic battle between e-commerce companies became more and more fierce, and social fragmentation became an effective way to pull new and promote activities. A certain customer of SUMEI used the method of new subsidy coupons.

When they first met and communicated, the customer told them that at present, the proportion of black products that they have identified new users is more than ten percent. So Liang Kun proposed to connect to Sumei’s system first and experiment for two weeks to see the situation.

On the first day the system went online, Liang Kun stared at the beating data in the background, “I was terrified at the time”-Skynet rejected 92% of new users. Liang Kun said that his first thought at the time was to suspect that there was a problem with any strategy or model.

He immediately synchronized the situation with the customer. The customer service team nervously gave the rejected users a return call, but none of them could be connected. This shows that in this social fission marketing campaign, less than 8% of the huge subsidies fell to real users. in.

Due to high profits and lack of supervision, e-commerce stalking of wool is rampant. In the process of helping e-commerce customers to fight against illegal production, SUMEI found that a large amount of subsidies for e-commerce marketing activities were taken away by the illegal production. Marketing activities without the blessing of AI risk control are like children holding money. downtown.

At present, most platforms have begun to strengthen risk control independently or in conjunction with risk control technology suppliers. In addition to building a full-stack risk control system and cracking down on professional black production, SUMEI’s Skynet products also have a “point wall” identification function to prevent and control amateur wool parties.

According to Liang Kun, the point wall is a real user driven by the black property. After receiving the black property task, the corresponding fee can be obtained. The general risk control strategy is simply “judging black and white”, and taking measures such as banning, restricting cash withdrawal and preferential treatment on black production accounts, and white accounts can enjoy all normal preferential treatments.

Under the past risk control strategy, the loyalty wall belonged to white households, but in fact it had almost no value to the platform. And SUMEI can accurately mark the account tags of the loyalty wall and provide customers with more sophisticated solutions, which will play a huge role in curbing data fraud and marketing cheating.

More than 300 tags to help customers refine operations

In addition to business risks, content risks are another major risk that cannot be ignored in the online economy. As a new subject, content risk monitoring has very high technical challenges. The difficulty of management and control lies mainly in the lack of mature solutions and standards, especially in the emerging live broadcast industry, where host behavior and live content cannot be controlled, high concurrent processing, and real-time response.

Vicious violations of early live broadcasts focused on pornography and vulgarity and portraits of sensitive people, but to this day, this is still the hardest hit area for various types of live broadcasts.

Taking smart pornography as an example, the solutions on the market are actually similar, and can be divided into several steps, such as clear classification standards, sample collection, sample marking, and model training. Among them, clarifying the classification criteria is the first step and the most critical step. Compared with similar products, the special feature of Sumei Technology Tianjing is that it has more than 300 illegal labels in multiple dimensions. This is an important achievement of Sumei’s refined operation in 2020.

Refined operation not only refers to the continuous enrichment of the label system, such as further subdividing refined labels such as “strapless” and “vulgarity” under the category of “pornographic and vulgar”, but also refers to the provision of personalized labels for different users in different scenarios Multi-scale options, such as show live broadcast and education live broadcast, have completely different acceptance of “strapless”.

It is worth mentioning that SUMEI’s entire set of labels has also become the standard for customer training review teams.

Prior to this, the online content production industry lacked a unified content review standard, until the clear label of Sumei Technology was born-only pornographic Sumei made more than 60 different classifications, and the training and learning of reviewers were unified. , Determined audit standards.

Behind every label upgrade is the result of the cooperation of multiple teams of Sumei Technology.Liang Kun said that from a customer requirement to an abstract label, there are at least four important steps.

First, the product team will determine whether the existing label can meet customer needs, if not, it will start to consider the universality of the new label application. Second, generate new tags, accurately define tags, collect samples, prepare algorithms, etc. Third, the product team thinks about and writes the label manual, the strategy team prepares the corresponding configuration strategy, and combines the usage and strategy. Fourth, online tags are used in customer scenarios.

Liang Kun remembered that a customer he had served has newly launched a live e-commerce service for high-end user groups. Because of the large number of live streams, an outsourcing team of four to five hundred people was arranged for review. Later, the Tianjing system was connected to improve the review efficiency. Unexpectedly, within a day, Tianjing would prompt hundreds of sections and more than a dozen streams of suspected violations, including pornographic and vulgar content.

“With a huge number of users and live streams, even if there are four or five hundred review teams, they can only take care of some head anchors and head video streams, and the real risks are actually hidden in the waist and tail areas.”Liang Kun said.

Finally, Liang Kun shared a short story. During the Spring Festival of 2020, a customer was preparing to launch a marketing campaign, but it was not until a few hours before the event that they remembered to inform Shumei and asked whether they could let go of the qps (query rate per second) limit in the WeChat group. Because of general activities, the traffic is bound to increase significantly, which will pull the data throughput to a very high level.

The Sumei team immediately expanded the cluster. After only two hours, the QPS was released, which fully supported the normal organization of the event. “For every problem, we have strict resolution time requirements, two hours is the time to solve the problem, and the response time is kept within 5 minutes.” Liang Kun proudly said.

Powerful technology and rapid product iteration capabilities, customer first service spirit, perhaps this is why SUMEI has served thousands of customers in five years and was praised by customers as “comrades in the same trench”. It is also why they can The secret to getting to the front row of the industry.


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