In the bad Champions League, Ronaldo decided to return to the old team?  43525

In the bad Champions League, Ronaldo decided to return to the old team?

Juventus’s Serie A 35th round defeat has caused this team to face a huge risk of not attending the Champions League next season.

Video goals Juventus 0-3 Milan. Source: FPT Television

No longer a risk, the Bianconeri officially fell to 5th place after a humiliating defeat at home to AC Milan. Now, self-determination is no longer in Lao Ba’s hands and Pirlo’s army will play in the Europa League next season if nothing unexpected happens.

This bad scenario has been warned before and Cristiano Ronaldo looks to have his own preparations. Before the battle with AC Milan took place a few days, some sources from Italy said that the Portuguese superstar decided to consider returning to Man Utd and entrusting representative Jorge Mendes to learn about the direction. this judgment.

Ronaldo could not save the shipwreck Juve. Photo: Getty

The Old Trafford team almost certainly owns a ticket to the Champions League next season with an extremely safe position

All in the top 4 group. In fact, Ole Solskjaer’s army is also the brightest name for the Premier League runner-up position when the season ends.

With Juve’s disappointing results, CR7 is likely to urge its representative to work more quickly. For a top star like Ronaldo, not being in Europe’s most prestigious playground at club level is really hard to accept.

In the case of unable to reach an agreement to return to Old Trafford, Ronaldo may consider a plan called Sporting Lisbon. The teenage team of the Portuguese captain is currently very close to the domestic championship and will of course be present in the European Cup next season.

Pirlo declaring straight about the future after the Juventus defeat?

Ronaldo personally took action, appointing a replacement for Pirlo



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