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In Southeast Asia, 4G networks in Vietnam only boss after Singapore and Myanmar

Research results from an organization called OpenSignal show that 4G network in Vietnam is not so bad as what we still think. In Southeast Asia, Vietnam's 4G internet bosses behind Singapore and Myanmar.

A report bearing the name "The State of Mobile Network Experience"Research by OpenSignal in 87 countries has produced interesting numbers, besides this report also shows that 4G internet has changed the mobile usage behavior of users for many years. From holding the phone on hand to texting, listening to the phone, the internet and 4G mobile phones have grown strongly, becoming "smart" with the user experience is also more complicated. .

In this report, Open Signal evaluates 4G quality in 87 countries based on 4 criteria, namely: 4G Availability (4G availability level), video experience, up / download speed and latency. With Availability criteria, OpenSignal explains this is the ratio of the time that 4G devices and subscribers have LTE connectivity, not the popularity of 4G. For example, 4G Availability is 75% means that users connect to 4G in 75% of usage time.

Based on OpenSignal's calculations, on average, download speed is 14.1 Mbps, download speed is 5.5 Mbps, latency is 59.5 milliseconds, 4G Availability 78.4%, video experience is 55.2 (scale of 100). Average download speed of 87 countries is 17.6 Mbps. Video scores are calculated based on image quality, video download time, video stalling time while playing. The 55.2 / 100 video score belongs to the "very good" group, according to OpenSignal's assessment.

Particularly in Southeast Asia, Vietnam's 4G download speed is behind two countries: Singapore (39.3 Mbps) and Myanmar (16 Mbps). On a global scale, Korea is the only country with download speeds greater than 50 Mbps, which is also the leading country in 4G Availability target with 97.5%.

Also in Southeast Asia, considering the 4G Availability criteria, Vietnam ranks behind Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Malaysia and ranks in the Philippines. However, this result is not too bad for Vietnam, because some developed countries also ranked below Vietnam in 4G Availability criteria, namely countries: Germany, Russia and New Zealand.

Article source: Ictnews

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