In order to talk about international resources, Liu Yifei turned down some small resources, but lost his wife and broke down!
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In order to talk about international resources, Liu Yifei turned down some small resources, but lost his wife and broke down!

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1 Liu Yifei made a mistake?

In order to talk about international resources, Liu Yifei pushed out some small domestic resources. Now “Mulan” is being removed from the theaters, and her international resources are almost as bad. Now she lost her wife and broke down. .

2baby fired the staff?

Baby opened the staff who lent her the season dress. This time she was stepped on by Zhao Liying because she wore the season dress. She now requires that important events must wear a high set.

3 Chen Feiyu helps Song Zuer?

Chen Feiyu recently came into contact with a fairy tale drama, he took the initiative to recommend Song Zuer to play the heroine. The two have gotten close during this period, and the relationship between Song Zuer and Ouyang Nana has become plastic.

4 Wu Lei was blocked by the goose factory?

Wu Lei no longer plays “The Case of Zhang Gong”. His team tried to suppress Fan Jing Boran, but it provokes the top of the goose factory. Now the top of the goose factory will not cooperate with Wu Lei after talking.

5Ju Jingyi overturned?

Ju Jingyi once found someone holding a mobile phone while eating privately, so she asked the staff to go straight up and grab the mobile phone. As a result, the passerby was not taking pictures of her at all. In the end, the poor passerby was scolded by her team.

6 Zhang Binbin is interested in Jing Tian?

Zhang Binbin is now very attentive to Jing Tian. The two were very ambiguous when they were on the crew. He also took the initiative to introduce his contacts to Jing Tian, ​​and brought Jing Tian to invest in some profitable industries.

7 Yang Mi is at odds with the escape group?

After the escape show was broadcast, Yang Mi was ridiculed because of her loose face, and the team went to blame the show team for not helping her beautify. In fact, Yang Mi had been given a beautifying face later, but Yang Mi’s face was too obvious to be saved.

80,000 Qianjiang Shuying staff?

Wan Qian had directly poached half of Jiang Shuying’s team, and now as long as Wan Qian was hacked, Jiang Shuying would secretly add fire.

9 Chef actor yp was caught?

The cook actor who was with the diva female singer, yp was caught recently. He is having a stiff fight with the diva female singer, and the female singer’s friends are all complaining about the male star.

10There are restrictions on the comeback of fallen models? ?

Although the model who fell down came back, her mother-in-law controlled her very strictly, and her mother-in-law also arranged for someone to join her team, and the actresses’ work was controlled.


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