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In hand and give Apple Mighty Mouse

Apple Mighty Mouse is a mouse connected via USB, Apple sold it since 2005, and sold the iMacs during that time until the end of 2009 after the Magic mouse generation was born. With a simple design, aesthetic priority but also equipped with a lot of features best support for Mac os users.

This mouse was no longer widely sold in the market, I was lucky enough to buy from a friend, this mouse is 100% new, I am on hand and then give a lucky friend through the recording random number.

Participation rules are as follows:

  • Time: from now until 24h on 05/06/2019
  • You need to post a picture of the mouse you are using / used / used together with your comment about that mouse in the comment section of this article.
  • The results will be randomly drawn on the page random..org
  • You can share this article on Facebook for friends to know and join (Optional)

Apple Mighty Mouse Highlights:

  • The external design and the balanced button system can be used for both left-handed and right-handed people
  • Rolling balls 360 degrees, compatible with left / right, upper / lower, and roll scrolling operations with cross angle operations. At the same time, the direct angle of the roller can set the settings to access many shortcuts in the system settings.
  • There are speakers that spread sound when scrolling or when using the roller, creating a more sensitive, real-life ball rolling feeling, more user interaction.
  • On the two sides are two pressure-sensitive keys, which can assign different tasks in the mouse setting screen in the system.
  • Compact and fashionable with beautiful glossy plastic, white finish well
  • Can be used for Windows machines but will only be compatible with 4 basic operations are left / right mouse, as well as can only scroll up and down like other normal mice.

The limitation of the Apple Might Mouse:

  • The connection cord is short, not suitable for desktop computers, if you want to use it at a distance USB port requires a complicated USB extension cord.
  • The touch-sensitive keys on both sides interact well with the hand, there is no feeling of being pressed, despite the sensitive touch.
  • The sensor eye is still quite picky, for example on a plastic table with a glossy coating that is unusable, the sensitivity is not equal to that of a Laser mouse like the later Apple Magic Mouse.
  • It has been around for a long time, is no longer widely sold in the market, it is quite rare to buy a new mouse.


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