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In China, you can charge the Xiaomi Mi 9 from 3,300 mAh to 6,500 mAh for a super cheap price

Recently, a retailer on Taobao has provided a "battery level" service that promises to double the usage of the flagship Xiaomi Mi 9.

If you feel the 3,300 mAh battery on the flagship Mi 9 is not able to meet your needs, this may be a solution for you. Accordingly, a retailer in China currently offers a "battery level" service that promises to increase Mi 9's battery capacity.

Specifically, the retailer will conduct a 3,300mAh battery replacement with a 6,500mAh battery, or even 9,900mAh if the user wants it. It is known that even if the battery capacity is doubled, it does not affect the Mi 9's weight and thickness by only increasing 60 grams and 3.4mm.

However, according to the image provided from this retailer, after being "battery level", the Mi 9 looks much thicker and rougher. Even the rear camera of the camera is still below.

Sforum - Xiaomi-Mi-9-1 latest technology information page In China, you can

In addition to the large capacity "battery", the service provider said that the device's features will remain unchanged, even supporting wireless charging like other normal Mi 9s. . However, no users are yet brave enough to try this new retailer's service on Taobao.

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