In California New Class Action Against Mindgeek

In California New Class Action Against Mindgeek

A new lawsuit is filed in California against Montreal giant Mindgeek, owner of Pornhub, accused by thirty women of having profited from the dissemination of sex videos featuring them without their consent.

Some of the 36 victims were minors at the time the videos in which they appeared were shot. Some videos are said to have circulated through the large network of porn sites owned by the sprawling company.

The lawsuit was launched Thursday, the day in Ottawa, the parliamentary committee that looked into the case of Pornhub released its final report. In the latter, he recommends new laws to better regulate the providers of internet services and porn sites in order to combat the scourge of sexual exploitation.

A “criminal enterprise”

Last December, Pornhub was the target of another lawsuit filed in California by a group of around 40 women. They claim that the site continues to make money from videos that were posted without their consent.

During the same month, another class action request was filed against the Montreal company, but in Canada. An Ontarian sued for $ 600 million. She alleges that she was sexually assaulted when she was 12, and that a video of her assault was still circulating on Pornhub.

“MindGeek is the most dominant online pornography company in the
world. It is also one of the largest human trafficking companies in the world. And it is possibly the largest illegal repository of child pornography in North America and beyond, ”the court document wrote.

The lawsuit describes Mindgeek as a “criminal enterprise” worthy of the “Sopranos”, not least because its “ultra-rich” bosses are taking “extraordinary measures to keep their identities and their activities unknown”.

The amount of the lawsuit is not quantified, but the lawyer piloting the case, Michael J. Bowe, estimates that it could bring “hundreds of millions” in damages to the victims.

The company is being sued on 13 accounts, including invasion of privacy, racketeering, distribution of child pornography and sex trafficking.

This lawsuit is a new tile which falls on the head of Mindgeek, targeted since December by a first class action brought by a group of 40 women.

Mindgeek strikes back

In a statement forwarded to QMI Agency, Pornhub says it is “investigating” the complaint and describes the allegations in the lawsuit as “utterly absurd, utterly reckless and categorically false.”

She attacks head-on the credibility of lawyer Michael J. Bowe, whom she describes as “a soldier of the ultra-right campaign to stop the adult content industry”, a “legal pit bull” of ” fanatic groups who embrace extremist ideologies ”and who wage a“ holy war against legal pornography and sex workers ”.


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