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In 2020, the per capita income of Supercell employees will be as high as 4.3 million US dollars


Supercell, a major Finnish mobile game maker and developer of best-selling works such as “Clash of Clans” and “Royal Clash”, recently announced its 2020 financial report.

Last year, Supercell’s revenue was US$1.48 billion (approximately 9.553 billion yuan) and its pre-tax net profit was US$463 million (approximately 2.989 billion yuan), compared with 2019 data (revenue US$1.56 billion, pre-tax net profit US$577 million) Has fallen. However, considering that Suopercell has only 340 employees, the company’s per capita revenue in the past year has reached a staggering 4.3 million US dollars (about 27.76 million yuan).

Supercell CEO Ilkka Pannaanen said in a blog post: “Game companies are fortunate. The challenges we face are relatively small compared to many other industries. I hope Supercell’s games will bring players To create happiness and help players keep in touch with friends during the epidemic.”

Since its establishment in 2010, Supercell has released 5 mobile games for the global market, and the cumulative revenue of these games has exceeded the $1 billion mark. According to Pannanin, affected by the epidemic, Supercell allows company employees to work from home. Although this has made brainstorming and communication among teams more difficult than in the past, it has also taught employees to trust each other more.

Since October last year, “Wild Brawl” players have created more than 150 million maps in the game, and the cumulative playing time has exceeded 50 million hours. In the field of e-sports, about 15 million players participate in the “Wild Brawl” global championship (World Championship) challenge every month. Pananen said that the development team plans to introduce new content including skins in the future and improve the social gameplay of the game.

Thanks to the updated content of the version, “Clash of Clans” maintains eye-catching revenue data. However, the market performance of “Clash Royale” in 2020 failed to meet Supercell’s expectations. “”Clash Royale” still has great potential, and the team will work hard to make it better in 2021.” Pananen said.

According to Pananen, the Supercell animated short “Lost and Crowned” (Lost and Crowned) has been viewed more than 100 million times on all platforms. In addition, through the Play For Trees Global Help event, “Cartoon Farm” players have contributed to the planting of more than 100 million trees around the world.

Supercell’s mission is to create games that players can play for many years and remember forever. In order to achieve this goal, they are accustomed to stopping games that fail to meet expectations during the test release period. “Cartoon Farm Pop” (Hay Day Pop) is an example.

“The “Cartoon Farm Pop” team hopes to bring some innovations to the puzzle category, and we are also proud of the achievements of that team. Unfortunately, it has not been able to find enough players. In the end, the development team Feeling that I can create a better game, I decided to cut it off and share the accumulated experience and lessons with all colleagues.”

Pananen also said that he hopes Supercell will release more beta versions of games in 2021.

“We have set a very high quality standard for games. Those games may be cut off by the development team at any time, but in any case, within the company, this still excites everyone. Obviously, we can’t keep them from meeting players. Hope to share more details with players soon.”

In addition to self-developed games, Pananen also talked about Supercell’s investment strategy for external studios. According to him, Supercell allows external development teams to enjoy creative freedom and provide help and support when they need it. In 2020, Supercell invested in the New Zealand studio 2UP Games and the Finnish studio Papukaya. The number of start-up studios invested has reached 14 at present.

In the past year, Supercell paid 78 million euros (approximately US$87 million) in corporate income tax to the Finnish government. Pananen said that many Supercell employees have benefited from Finland’s free education and medical system and are proud of being able to give back to society.

“As a company with only about 340 employees, we are very happy to maintain a stable business and the data is pretty good.” Pananen said, “But most importantly, this allows us to continue to invest in the development of better games. Continue to take risks and make long-term plans for the company’s development.”

“I believe that as long as we always focus on creating games that can be played for many years and will be remembered forever, with a lot of effort and a little luck, the future of the company will be better.”

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