In 2019, VinFast sold 67,000 cars and electric motorcycles

VinFast officially launched the first consumer electric motorcycle product in November 2018 with Klara. So far, the company has produced three new lines of electric motorcycles, including Ludo, Impes and Klara S – upgraded versions to replace the Klara line. Total orders received by VinFast for all 4 models Klara, Klara S, Impes and Ludo were 50,000, of which 45,118 vehicles were produced.

In 2019, VinFast sold 67,000 cars and electric motorcycles

After less than 6 months of being on the market, VinFast’s first 3 cars received more than 17,000 purchase deposits.
In 2019, VinFast has officially entered the automotive market with Fadil cars of A segment and Lux ​​cars of E segment, including two models Lux A2.0 (sedan) and Lux ​​SA2.0 (SUV). Total orders received by VinFast for all three models were 17,214, of which 15,300 were produced.

It is expected that in 2020, VinFast will launch Lux V8 high-performance luxury cars and two class B and C crossovers, with petrol and electric variants. In addition, the company will also launch electric buses to cover all market segments, to meet the diverse needs of customers. From 2021, VinFast plans to export electric cars to the US market.

VinFast products not only meet aesthetic and performance criteria but are also highly appreciated for their safety. Specifically, two models Lux A2.0 and Lux ​​SA2.0 both received 5-star certificates from the prestigious car rating organization – ASEAN NCAP, while Fadil was rated 4 stars. Especially, in the last months of the year, VinFast Fadil has risen to be in the top of the A-class segment in both quality and sales.

VinFast factory has produced more than 15,000 cars and 45,000 electric motorcycles.

Regarding electric motorcycles, with the criteria of durability – smart – eco, VinFast product lines have received positive support from consumers. Ecosystem for electric scooters has been gradually improved by VinFast to bring comfort and convenience to customers, with more than 600 battery exchange stations and mobile battery exchange systems set up nationwide.
In the coming time, VinFast’s new generation electric motorcycles will be supported both at home charging and exchanging batteries at the station, bringing maximum convenience to customers. This is also the solution that will be applied to VinFast’s future electric cars.
In a speech summarizing the one-year entry into the VinFast automobile-electric motorbike market, Mr. Nguyen Viet Quang – Vice President and CEO of Vingroup said: “We are grateful for the enthusiastic support of Tens of thousands of first customers trusted VinFast’s products of automobiles and electric motorbikes. The trust and support of consumers right from the first days of startup is a great motivation for VinFast to make a determination to create quality and classy Vietnamese brand cars that can compete on par with fairness. with international rivals in the market.
Currently all VinFast cars – electric motorbikes are produced at a 335-hectare factory complex located in Dinh Vu Industrial Park (Cat Hai, Hai Phong). The designed capacity of VinFast automobile factory in phase 1 is 250,000 vehicles / year; Electric motorbike factory is 500,000 vehicles / year.


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