Important notes to know when repainting cars

Important notes to know when repainting cars

Paint is one of the most influential factors on the value of cars. Therefore, before deciding to repaint the car’s color, you should note the following.

How to determine the exact color “zin” of vehicles?

According to those who have driving experience Perennial said: to be able to determine the color of the car’s zin paint, you should base on the color code in the car manufacturer’s color palette. Some car manufacturers place this code under the hood or driver glass. If you find the right place, you will have the details of the car and the original paint color code. However, in case you cannot detect the vehicle color code, you can seek advice from those who have Cool car painting experience self-extrude the panel to compare and decide which paint is most suitable.

Choosing the correct paint gives you the most original paint colorChoosing the correct paint gives you the most original paint color

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Is it possible to blend in the same color as “zin”?

The service technicians of the car paint service will be based on the color you choose or the code that according to the manufacturer to be able to create the desired paint color. The mixing of color proportions will be done on a weighing machine, automatic color mixing helps the accurate color mixing almost absolute.

Should we paint the car again?

This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions for people who are considering refurbishing their car. Repainting of cars should be done when the surface paint layer has had too many deep cuts, causing the inner metal layer to be exposed. This not only causes your car to lose its aesthetic, but also causes the metal layer to rust quickly due to oxidation.

For deep scratches, you need to apply a new coat of paintShould repaint scratched cars to avoid oxidation rust

Depending on the degree of dullness of the car paint or the amount of scratches more or less, you can consider whether to paint the whole car or just paint patchwork, partial coating. To know exactly, you can seek advice from painters, car refiners.

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Does the vehicle repaint need specialized tools?

Most reputable car paint addresses or professional car refurbishment services have all the necessary equipment to be able to perform the stages with the highest efficiency. Tools to cleaning cars such as a paint dryer to prevent dirt from sticking to the car and to keep the humidity within limits for best paint adhesion. In addition, high quality car paint locations must have equipment such as paint sprayers and polishing tools.

How many coats need to be painted?

According to those who have Car care experience said, normally to paint a complete car we have to cover 4-5 layers. The innermost layer we will paint anti-rust layer. Next, we will paint primer, paint and finally paint the outer layer to Car paint protection the most comprehensive. In addition, high-end cars often have multi-layered paint casing to create depth and decorative effects.

Normally, to paint a car, we have to cover 4-5 layersNormally, to paint a car, we have to cover 4-5 layers

How long does it take to repaint an entire car?

The condition of the tire in the beginning will determine how fast or slow the paintwork will be. However, the average time to change clothes for your car is 72 hours.

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Does repainting the car need to do any administrative procedures?

If you paint the original color, you do not need any procedures. However, if you paint other colors, you need to fill out an application to change the car paint color and then register to change the car paint color with the competent authorities to change the car color before circulation on. Street. Fees for changing car paint colors are not too expensive.

If you do not register to change the car paint color from before, you may be fined for changing the car paint color.

Some ways to keep car paint color good after painting

One of the Experience using cars To keep the car paint always durable that is not to leave the car in the sun. Choose sheltered or shaded places for parking. Also, when washing your car, you must make sure your water is free of impurities. Do not use a high-pressure sprayer to stick to the surface of the vehicle as this will peel off new paint.

You should use specialized cleaning solutions to clean cars. Be careful not to use high-detergent products or soaps, dishwashing liquid because it is not the right type because it can cause dullness and paint to deteriorate quickly.

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When washing the car do not press the sprayer too close to the surfaceWhen washing the car do not press the sprayer too close to the surface

One Car maintenance experience Useful for keeping your car paint shiny, that is, need regular car maintenance. The maintenance of car paint regularly has the effect of limiting oxidation, keeping the beauty of the original paint surface.

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