Important items for car maintenance at the end of the year

Important items for car maintenance at the end of the year

Traveling in spring, playing at friends’ houses at the beginning of the new year, but the car has a tire explosion, the engine dies … Certainly, no driver wants to welcome such a “bad” new year. Check the following important items immediately to get the smoothest flight.

1. Tires
Tire flare, tire explosion is one of the very common problems in the car during long trips. Therefore, in order to prevent this incident, at the end of the year, please check carefully to detect tears and punctures on the tires to take appropriate measures.

Likewise, worn tires will make it difficult to brake, especially on slippery roads. So if the tread has worn out, or the tire has been around for 50,000 to 70,000 km, it’s time to replace it. Experts also recommend that every 10,000 km, the tire should be rotated once for even wear. This gives more assurance of the tire’s service life and performance.
2. Brakes
Once worn, brake pads will be potentially dangerous accidents because they cannot be braked quickly. This part needs to be replaced every 40,000 km for safety. However, the timing of replacement also depends on the vehicle’s design and driving style. Please bring your car to the garage for inspection and consultation.
Also, tell the mechanic about any strange problems going on with the car’s brakes, such as making strange noises when braking or releasing the brakes.
3. Battery
Most car batteries have a lifespan of about 3 years. So if the battery of the battery is older than 3 years or have any problems starting the car, you should have the car checked for replacement.
However, some battery problems can be fixed without costly replacement. Examples of corrosion and leakage problems In addition, on cars that are rarely used, the battery life can be guaranteed from 3 to 4 years.
To determine whether the battery is okay or not, we can use a multimeter set to 0 – 50V bar, then install the red and black rods respectively to the anode and the negative ring.
At this time, if the multimeter measured at about 12.5 – 12.8V, the battery is still in good condition; Under 10V or lower, it is necessary to recharge; lower than 5V, you need to replace it.
In case the battery meter is lower than 10V, it is necessary to check the vehicle generator. We can also check the status of the generator with a multimeter.
How to do it as follows: Have a person depress the gas from the unladen cycle up to 2,000 rpm. Now, if the meter measures:
+ From 13.5 – 14.5V: Generator is okay.
+ From 12.8 – 13V: Generator is having problems.

4. Solutions

Perhaps not more about the importance of engine oil changes. However, in addition to oil, there are other fluids that need to be checked at the end of the year for the smoothest journeys. Include:
Brake fluid
Cooling water
Power steering fluid
Windshield cleaner

5. Lights and wipers
Light is very important when traveling in the dark. In addition, it is related to traffic law compliance issue. So take your car to check if the headlights and tail lights are working properly or not?
A malfunctioning wiper will also affect vision while driving. If the wiper blade makes a noise or can’t wipe the wiper, it’s time to replace it.
6. Oil filter
The effect of the oil filter is to keep dust and residue from entering the inside of the vehicle engine. Therefore, if it is clogged, the task above cannot be completed. If you have not done it before, at the end of the year, you should bring your car to the store to inspect and clean it.
As recommended by the manufacturers, the engine oil filter should be replaced after 2 servicing or 2 engine oil changes with a vehicle with a maintenance cycle of 5,000 km / time. For vehicles with a maintenance cycle of 10,000 km / time, when the oil is changed, the engine oil filter will be replaced.
7. Air-conditioning
Having a malfunction of the air-conditioning system will make your long trip miserable if the weather is hot. Possible problems include:
The air filter is clogged
Poor cooling

If the air conditioning system is having any problems, bring the car to the garage to be fixed immediately, your trip will be more pleasant and comfortable.


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