Implementing unified standards for minor protection industry Tencent pilot new anti-addiction regulations

After three years of spontaneous exploration, Tencent’s work to protect the health of minors on the Internet has entered a new phase from this year. Based on the latest industry unified specifications issued by the competent authority, Tencent has taken the lead in launching pilots in a number of its products, and at the same time actively responded to relevant spirits, and successively launched the content of age-appropriate game tips in its products to better protect the healthy growth of minors .

The State Administration of Press and Publication issued the “Notice on Preventing Minors from Addicting to Online Games” (hereinafter referred to as the “Notice”) in November 2019, which provided uniform industry norms and guidance for the protection of minors’ online health. After completing the preliminary technical tests and preparations, the four pilot products under Tencent’s “My MT4”, “Tianlong Babu Mobile Games”, “Peace Elite”, and “Free Fantasy Mobile Games” are based on the contents of the “Notice” and are based on real names Relevant implementations have been implemented in the areas of certification, game duration restrictions, and game consumption restrictions.

At the same time, Tencent is also actively exploring the appropriate age of game tips. Taking into account user concerns, Tencent used the research results of Peking University’s School of Education on positive function evaluation of games in tips for age-appropriate to provide a certain reference for parents to choose games suitable for their children. At present, the “Growth Guardian Platform” has launched the new “Guide to Parents” feature, presenting age-appropriate content to 20 million users. In addition, products such as “FIFA Football World”, “Free Fantasy Mobile Games”, “Dragon Fantasy”, “The End of the World Moon” (end game), “Let’s catch monsters” and other products have taken the lead in launching the age-appropriate tips in their game interfaces Related information, age-appropriate information on the interface of other products are also being released.

Since 2017, Tencent has initially established a relatively complete adult health online protection system through intensive technology development and active exploration. On the one hand, the public security real-name verification is applied to the game registration process for the first time in the industry. On the other hand, through the dual engines of “growth guard platform” and “health system”, tools for active management outside the game and automatic restrictions in the game are provided respectively. The function makes more and more users aware and protected.

As a member of the industry, Tencent has a responsibility and an obligation to make the implementation of the “Notice” a top priority of this year’s work. With the introduction of industry norms, Tencent will further strengthen the work related to the protection of minors ‘online health, and work with all sectors of society to jointly promote the construction and improvement of minors’ protection of the ecology.

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