Impersonating Lazada sells Samsung Galaxy A9 at half price - VnReview

Impersonating Lazada sells Samsung Galaxy A9 at half price – VnReview

Near Tet, many users reflected on having a fake Lazada website, then buying ads on Facebook to sell phones for half the price.

Recently, many ads selling phones from Lazada appeared on social networking site Facebook at unbelievably low prices. For example, Samsung Galaxy A9 is advertised at a price of 3 million VND, half the market price.

The ad pretending to be Lazada on Facebook.

This piece of advertising was purchased by Lazada_Mash, a fake copy of Lazada e-commerce website.

“This site invests images, runs store style ads, designed like Lazada. Users without vigilance can misunderstand this is a Lazada product and get trapped,” said Mai Thanh Phu, an expert in Facebook advertising field in HCMC shared.

When clicking on the ad, users will be directed to the identical website Lazada. However, if you pay attention, users will discover the link of this page is not

The website is designed like an ecommerce platform Lazada.

Reporter Tried to fill in information including name, address, phone number on the website above. After 30 minutes, a person claiming to be Lazada employee called to confirm the order.

During the call, this person claimed to be an employee of Lazada and asked the user to receive the payment before receiving the goods.

“The device is under the warranty of Lazada and Mobile World, so feel free to use it. With me to return and exchange in the first 30 days,” the person claiming to be a Lazada employee said over the phone.

However, when testing the Lazada application, there were no orders related to this phone model. According to a forum specializing in online selling, this is a long-standing scam but now implemented on the Facebook platform.

Order electronics but the user only receives a piece of wood.

This trick has been applied since Lazada, Shopee announced no co-consignment when delivered. Scam shops often rely on the reason the exchange does not allow checking. If there is any damage or incorrect product, Lazada will stand to solve.

This is used fraudulently by the scam shop according to the formula: cancel the order> ship without Lazada / Shopee> receive money> if there is a problem, ask the customer to contact Lazada / Shopee and deny responsibility.

“Thanks to this formula, the shops that sell fake, fake and fraudulent products on Lazada can exaggerate, advertise, shock prices of products because they will not be responsible. They can freely say,” is genuine Google Home Mini is only 1/3 price The most important step is to cancel the application and ship outside without being detected by the user as they can continue to exist.If discovered, Lazada has no process. handle this, “said Le Minh Hiep, an online salesman in Dong Nai.

From May until now, no less than 10 items are used by merchants to use “ship bricks” to cheat users. The products are many people interested in such as Xiaomi watches, Google Home Mini speakers, Airpods headphones, Apple Watch, iPhone X …

“In theory, e-commerce exchanges have no relationship with users when orders have been canceled. However, these exchanges create a tool to cheat users,” The Hai said. Years of shared online sales experience.

According to Zing

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