Impeachment of President Trump: America continues to be divided

Impeachment of President Trump: America continues to be divided

On January 24, the source of the US newspaper Politico said that a backup force of 7,000 National Guard soldiers will remain in the capital to protect security until the trial of former President Donald Trump begins. in February, then 5,000 people will stay until the trial ends, possibly mid-March.

Discussion with Trump: America continues to divide
The National Guard gathered in front of the Capitol to protect President Joe Biden’s inauguration.

Specifically, Politico said the implementation was needed due to “security concerns during the impeachment hearing”, but the military said it had been given very little information about its mission. me.

This is “very unusual for any military mission,” said one soldier.

About 25,000 National Guard soldiers were deployed to the city following the Trump-pro-Trump riot on Capitol Hill earlier this month. Soldiers have maintained protection through President Joe Biden’s inauguration even when no signs of “extremism” have been detected.

Many people began to comment on the current shortage of sleeping in an unheated garage, in one case having had COVID-19 and food being considered scarce.

Former US President Donald Trump is still associated with an unfortunate title as the first President in history to be impeached twice. This is also the time when the United States faces a deep internal political divide.

Discussion with Trump: America continues to divide
Mr. Trump is now only an ordinary citizen, who could be impeached for inciting riot on Capitol Hill while he was president.

After Democratic leaders in the US House of Representatives announced that they would move the impeachment clause to the Senate on Jan. 25 to launch the trial of former President Donald Trump, many Republicans, is currently remains weak in the US Congress, has voiced support for former President Trump.

In interviews conducted by CNN with more than 10 Republican senators, the consensus is evident: Most Republicans tend to pardon Trump, and only a few. is able to turn away from him.

Some Republicans also said that as time passed, the anger over the Capitol Hill riots was cooling and they were ready to move on instead of looking for people to blame for it.

There should be at least 17 Republicans joining up with all 50 Democrats to support the impeachment of Trump. This is predicted by many as less likely to happen. Republicans have almost unanimously agreed with the view of pardoning Mr. Trump.

“The possibility of Trump being convicted is almost nonexistent,” said Republican Senator Roger Wicker.

“I don’t know how the results of the vote will turn out, but I think the possibility of them getting two-thirds of the votes to condemn Trump is slim,” said Republican Senator John Cornyn.

“Listening to everyone’s movements and watching things come to this point, I find it extremely difficult to get a handful of Republicans to support the impeachment effort,” he said. Republican MP Mike Braun said.

Besides, they argued that the provisions in the US Constitution that impeach a former president are unconstitutional and the impeachment trial is being pushed too quickly by the standard time frame.

A group of Republican senators recently argued that the trial of a former president, now an ordinary citizen, is completely unconstitutional.

This would give Republicans a reason to vote against Trump’s convictions regardless of his conduct in connection with the Capitol Hill riots.

“It is clear that a vote impeaching a retired president that has never happened in the history of the country has a reason. It is unconstitutional, sets a bad precedent and continues to divide the country”, Senator Lindsey Graham said.

More specifically, a statement from Republican Sen. John Cornyn issued on Jan. 23 warns that, if the former President of the Republic is impeached this time, an equivalent outcome could happen. a former Democratic Party President.

“If impeachment and adjudication of former presidents is a good idea, then what will happen to former Democratic presidents if Republicans gain majority by 2022,” he wrote. “Think about this possibility and let us do the best for the country.”

This “retaliation” warning from the Senator seems very consistent with the general sentiment in US politics.

Other Republican senators said Trump’s post-term trial was unconstitutional and would continue to further divide the United States.

The majority of Republicans also now believe Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell will share their views on impeachment of former President Trump, though he says he will listen to every argument before making any. final decision.

Chuck Schumer, the leader of Democrats in the US Senate, said on January 22 that the agency would delay the trial of former President Trump until Feb. 9, to help Trump’s legal team have more time to standardize. be.

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