“Immersive interaction” makes the game more charming, players can get deeper pleasure

In the past two months, some good-quality domestic games appeared on Steam. Many domestic production teams have made great efforts in game playability and content depth when developing games, but still have a certain distance from the depth of immersion. In fact, it is not difficult to find out the excellent games every year. In addition to the excellent playability and content, they have also made great efforts in the game experience. “Immersive interaction” is different from ordinary UI, game scene and NPC interactions. Its various details constitute the interactive connection between the player and the game, forming a virtuous circle, so that the player can truly immerse in the game. .

Interacting with natural scenes

Take the first-person shooter game “Metro: Return” as an example. Most of the interaction design in this game is quasi-artificial, so that players can feel very real the moment they just enter the game. It can be seen in the game that the settings of the machine’s operating parts are in good agreement with the real thing. What’s more interesting is that if you want to pull out maps and other objects from your body, you will have to complete a set of actions just like in reality. For another example, when you want to synthesize props and equipment, you need to open the backpack first, and then take out the required parts one by one. This process is like you return home from home to take homework.

After entering the game, the design of the stopwatch on the oxygen cylinder is very realistic. If the player is attacked, the glass helmet worn on the head is broken, and the sickness will be short of breath. At this time, you can see that the stopwatch will turn red. This real feeling allows players to immerse themselves faster and enjoy the realism brought by the game. The challenge mode of this game does not have a UI, and it all depends on the player’s memory and skills. At this time, you need a strong reaction ability, which is why many players are immersed in it.

Mobilize subconscious behavior

Many games have very complex systems, and this can result in a heavy UI. If the player’s own subconscious behavior can be called at this time, then the UI can be reduced a lot. Take the game “Doom of the Subway-Survival” as an example. When the player walks to the edge of the map in the game, he will enter the selection interface of the big map to select other destinations. If the player is playing in a certain map, it will be irrelevant to the map selection by default, that is, there is no big map entrance. The advantage of this is that players can focus more on the current mode, and only when you step out of the current area will the big map be triggered.

Similarly, if the player drives the vehicle into the map, when selecting other destinations, there will be more options for other vehicles, as well as its use status. This game focuses on the UI switching of the current system. The core of its interaction is the interactive methods and information provided by the player in real time. When the player walks to the boundary of the map, there are only two strategies: leaving the current map to other destinations or adjusting the character’s current state to avoid danger.

Simplify data with hearing senses

When a player is playing a game, the basic functions of UI interaction are information and operations, so as to satisfy the player’s real scene and effect as much as possible on the visual experience. The UI interaction design based on this must integrate the reality into the game scene in a deeper level, so that the player feels that this is part of the real scene, so as to obtain a more immersive experience that is more pleasant.

Take “Uncharted 4” as an example, this game has a deep display of information combined with gameplay. In the development of the game, the game planner gives the gameplay, then the player makes feedback through interaction, and finally the interaction designer designs and upgrades the interaction behavior based on the feedback information. The design of injury feedback in “Uncharted 4” is very good. When the player is injured, the reddish effect will be displayed on the four corners of the screen. At the same time, the directionality is also designed on the blood splatter effect, so that the player is more visual Enjoy the reality.

Supernatural sensory interactive experience

The so-called supernatural experience is to let you experience a magical experience beyond nature in the game. When this experience is passed to you, it not only makes you enjoy the story in the game, but also increases the immersion of the game. “Eddie Finch’s Memory” can be regarded as a masterpiece of supernatural experience. Although the core of the game is narrative and the gameplay is also exploration, the interactivity of the game reflects its ultimate charm.

Backstory whispered in your ears as you strolled through the game scene. The lines are also transformed into physical text, which is displayed in front of you with your visual transformation, and finally drifts with the wind. This design not only adds to the immersion of the story environment, but also allows players to penetrate into it, as if I was not the listener of the story, but the participant of the story.


Although the game has sprung up, but can be considered an excellent game is always rare. The current game industry is long past to win by quantity alone, but has entered an era of competition for quality. In the long exploration of game creativity and gameplay, interaction design still has a long way to go, but this is also the way to go. If you want to be an excellent game, you must have a unique design, so that players can truly enjoy it and truly immerse it.
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