Immersive Explorer: Modern File Explorer for Windows

Immersive Explorer: Modern File Explorer for Windows

Immersive Explorer is a great alternative to the default file explorer included in Windows (known as Windows Explorer). It is designed and provides a great user experience by focusing on the content rather than hiding it behind the icons. Allows the user to avoid opening different applications and switching between multiple windows when doing tasks as simple as viewing an image, thanks to the built-in viewer.

Although not a classic Windows application, (designed around the "Metro" user interface instructions), it is optimized for tablets and touch screen computers, but it also provides great convenience to users using a mouse-keyboard (with features such as scroll-to-zoom, keyboard navigation).

Immersive Explorer uses graphical hardware acceleration to display gestures and transitions making it more modern than the default Windows File Explorer. However, you should be aware that this is not a complete Windows Shell replacement application, but an alternative to exploring Windows that does not even need to be installed with administrator privileges.

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