I'm tired of wearing dresses. Nowadays, it is popular to go shopping in "bath towels". Young girls are so good at wearing them!

I’m tired of wearing dresses. Nowadays, it is popular to go shopping in “bath towels”. Young girls are so good at wearing them!

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Even though there are many styles of dresses, they are not enough to wear. After so many decades, what style of dress you haven’t worn? As long as the styles that are popular on the street, many girls will go to experience one. As a result, the summer of the past two years is really nothing. Trendy styles. Judging from the clothes on the street last year, many girls have begun to wear long trousers and have begun to break away from their skirts. Do they need to be rescued? Fortunately, there will be changes this summer, and everyone has a more fashionable match. Have you found it?

I’m tired of wearing dresses. Nowadays, it is popular to go shopping in “bath towels”. Young girls are so good at wearing them!

Tube top dress + high heels

In fact, dresses are constantly changing, but they can’t keep up with everyone. From the once single style, to the suspender dress later, to the halter dress in recent years, they are also trying to make changes. Not only that, even the general styles have also changed. Various types of waistbands and eye-catching decorative designs are basically available, but they still fail to meet everyone’s needs. Skirts that are outdated and lose their freshness are basically worn by very few people. This is the status quo.

Looks like this beauty, have you seen it on the street? The streets of this summer are more lively than the previous two years. The key point is the popularity of this dress, which makes girls find their passion again. From what she wears, what is this dress? Isn’t it just a “bath towel” wrapped around your body, is it this feeling? But in technical terms, this is the well-known tube top skirt, but the style is more fashionable, and it will be cooler to wear in summer, right?

In any case, many young girls have chosen this kind of dress. On the one hand, it is really trendy, simple and generous, and no other matching is required. The point is to attract attention; on the other hand, when it comes to dresses I can’t help but say self-cultivation. Obviously, this skirt goes without saying, just stick it directly on the body. Can I not self-cultivation? Moreover, with the “assistance” of this pair of pointed high heels, it also plays a role in modifying the shape of the legs and indirectly enhances the temperament and charm of the beautiful women. I wonder if you have learned it?

Tube top dress + grandma shoes

If it’s just a young girl wearing it like this, maybe the street will not be so lively. The point is that middle-aged ladies have also participated. Some 30-year-old ladies obviously have also taken a fancy to this skirt, but don’t know whether to appreciate its fashion or Pay attention to its self-cultivation? Wearing like this lady can actually explain this problem. It is obvious that wearing this way is to show off your body. There is nothing else to say. Do you agree? Moreover, the basic figure of a lady dressed like this is not bad, isn’t this already obvious?

Although the lady’s skin is not so fair, she did not choose a white dress, and she has an advantage in height. Using her figure advantage, she can also achieve the desired effect. It is precisely because of the height that the beauty did not choose high heels, but wore a pair of personalized “grandma shoes” to add fashion and personality to the whole outfit, which is also a good match detail. For middle-aged ladies, they pay great attention to details in their outfits, which are also vividly reflected here.

In any case, it is not easy for a middle-aged lady to maintain such a good figure. Judging from the back view she presented, the dress not only played a role in self-cultivation and slimming, but also played a role in modifying the figure. It is precisely because of this that the beautiful figure is presented. I don’t know what you think?

Conclusion: We can only describe the outfits of the two beauties above with fashion. I think everyone wears them like this, not just for fashion, but for the purpose of self-cultivation, and this has also been achieved.


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