I'm friendly with Lee Dong-guk's five siblings and Lim Young-woong...  'Young Tak Hope' only Sian is'Tomb'
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I’m friendly with Lee Dong-guk’s five siblings and Lim Young-woong… ‘Young Tak Hope’ only Sian is’Tomb’

▲ Lim Young-woong and Lee Dong-guk’s family. Source| Lee Soojin Instagram[스포티비뉴스=장진리 기자] ‘Soccer star’ Lee Dong-guk’s family met with’trot star’ Lim Young-woong.

Lee Soo-jin, Lee Dong-guk’s wife, released a photo of Lee Dong-guk’s family and Lim Young-woong at the soccer field on her Instagram on the 4th.

In the published photos, Lee Dong-guk, daughters Lee Jae-si, Lee Jae-ah, Lee Seol-ah, Lee Soo-ah, and son Lee Sian are taking a group photo with Lim Young-woong in a friendly pose. It seems that Lim Young-woong and Lee Dong-guk enjoyed a soccer game together for the holiday season. The appearance of a friendly pose after splitting up a busy schedule and playing a game looks like a real family.

Lee Soo-jin introduced Lim Young-woong, saying, “Uncle Lim has emerged! All five brothers and sisters are all out. Become one through soccer.” He added, “Where is Xian’s love, Uncle Young-tak?” Like these words, Xian made a laugh as he made a stupid expression as if he wasn’t interested in Lim Young-woong.

Lim Young-woong gained a lot of attention by showing off his soccer skills as well as a soccer player in various programs such as JTBC’s’Combine to Chill’.

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